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Panjtan Pak Developers is creating Al Khalil Garden Lahore, one of the best housing societies in Lahore, located near Kot Araian – Jia Bagga Road, adjacent to the Raiwind Road. The administration is extremely likely to get the NOC granted by appropriate authorities very soon.

Al-Khalil Garden in Lahore is a one-of-a-kind and futuristic residential project in the city of Lahore that is meticulously built to provide basic and luxurious amenities at reasonable prices. The housing society is easily accessible because it is surrounded by various residential and commercial locations.

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Al Khalil Garden Lahore Developers & Owners:

Panjtan Pak’s main project, Al Khalil Garden in Lahore, is now under construction. The Society will be equipped with all of the world’s most prestigious luxury amenities. Residents’ residential and commercial requirements have been met by the developers.

The developers have worked on a number of past property developments and have kept up with local and international infrastructural development. Panjtan Pak Developers has completed the following real estate projects:

  • Durrat ul Arous Heights
  • Sandal Residencia

Al Khalil Garden Lahore NOC:

The Lahore Development Authority will shortly accept the Al Khalil Garden Lahore No Objection Certificate (NOC) (LDA). Once the project has been accepted by the appropriate authorities, it has a better chance of progressing quickly and being completed on time.

Al Khalil Garden Lahore Location:

Al Khalil Garden Lahore is conveniently located on Kot Araian – Jia Bagga Road, just off Raiwind Road. Any real estate project’s outstanding location could mean the difference between a successful and failed housing project.

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Al Khalil Garden Lahore Master Plan:

A team of highly experienced specialists with years of property development experience devised and constructed the master plan for Al Khalil Garden Lahore. The organisation is selling a variety of residential and commercial plots with flexible payment plans.

Al Khalil Garden Lahore Blocks:

Al Khalil Garden Lahore is divided into two Blocks as follows:

  • Al Khalil Garden Umar Block
  • Al Khalil Gard Abu Bakar Block

Al Khalil Garden Lahore Residential Plots:

Al Khalil Garden Lahore is offering residential plots as follows:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Al Khalil Garden Lahore Commercial Plots:

Al Khalil Garden Lahore is offering commercial plots as follows:

  • 4 Marla

Al Khalil Garden Lahore Payment Plan:

Al Khalil Garden Lahore offers inexpensive and flexible payment options. The management sets modest instalment schedules so that investors can invest as much as feasible.

If you pay in full with cash, you’ll get a 10% discount, and if you pay in half with cash, you’ll get a 5% discount. Corner plots are charged 10% more, park-facing plots are charged 5% more, and Main Boulevard sites are charged 15% more.

Facilities & Amenities:

The Al Khalil Garden Lahore offers all of the latest conveniences and amenities at a reasonable price. The amenities are an element of any modern opulent society that may be described as a full residential project.

The developers have set aside a considerable portion of the land for the creation of green spaces such as parks. Al Khalil Garden Lahore is regarded as the most opulent society, complete with all modern pleasures and services.

The owners’ priority was to provide a healthy and elegant lifestyle environment; as a result, a substantial land area has been set aside for the central theme park, where children and the elderly can spend their leisure time without worry. The following are the amenities available in the Al Khalil Garden Lahore residential area: 


The society will offer an environmentally sustainable, close-to-nature lifestyle with all of the modern conveniences. The close proximity to nature will deliver a unique experience not seen in Pakistan’s housing communities. 

Grand Mosque:

The society will provide for all of the residents’ requirements, including religious ones. The developers are constructing a gorgeous large Jamia mosque to accommodate this. This mosque will be a smart mosque, complete with cutting-edge technology and architecture. 

Water Resources:

Residents’ water demands have been considered by society. Water reservoirs will be built for this purpose, storing a vast volume of water that will be used by residents for everyday chores. Furthermore, filter plants will be a part of society to ensure that clean drinking water is available.


A cemetery is an important aspect of any community. Because life and death are inevitable, inhabitants may choose to bury their departed relatives and pray for their everlasting happiness. They may also pay respects to loved ones buried within the society. 

Community Center:

To keep the residents socially active, community centers will prove as the beacon of social life. Here they may enjoy the social activities and participate as well.

Health Facilities:

The developers have devoted special attention to the society’s health services. The developers plan to build state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics for this reason. The emergency room will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with staff and doctors on hand at all times. 

Education Complex:

To ensure that pupils receive an international standard of education. To provide the greatest education, the teaching personnel will be professional and trained in their respective professions.

Residents of Al Khalil Garden Lahore place a high value on education, and the management has set aside a big plot of land to build a world-class educational complex. 

Business & Commercial Hub:

The developers have considered all of the residents’ demands, including economic and commercial ones. As a result, society will create an all-encompassing commercial zone. Residents in these areas can meet all of their commercial needs from within the community. 

Secure Community:

A housing society requires a sense of security. A gated neighbourhood provides security. People are protected by a security system that includes properly installed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, to ensure a high level of safety, the society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof system.

Salient Features:

Following are the salient features of the Al Khalil Garden Lahore:

  • Beautiful entrance gate
  • Affordability
  • Grand Mosque
  • Water Resources
  • Education Complex
  • Accessibility
  • Club House
  • Retail Area
  • 24/7 security

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