Best DUI Lawyers in Berkeley

Huff Legal

Huff Legal is a multi-disciplinary law office that takes care of clients in Berkeley. It safeguards the freedoms of people accused of DUI and attempts to get the case charges excused or decreased. Its attorneys foster forceful lawful systems and discussion strategies that can assist with excusing its clients. They are likewise capable at dealing with other lawbreaker cases, including sex wrongdoings, drug violations, expungement, and manslaughter. Huff Legal has a Spanish interpreter in its utilize to serve non-English talking clients.

Jayne Law Group

Jayne Law Group is a criminal protection firm that addresses clients having to deal with criminal penalties in Berkeley and adjoining regions. Starting around 2006, the firm has been dealing with DUI allegations that include single and various offenses and crime episodes. Its lawyers inspect the capture, police strategy, and field moderation tests to accomplish decreased punishments for the clients. As a previous delegate lead prosecutor, organizer Julia Mezhinsky Jayne knows how the state and national legislatures handle criminal accusations.

Katsuranis and Rodriguez

Katsuranis and Rodriguez, DUI lawyer close to Berkeley, has over 20 years of court insight and an abundance of information while battling for the freedoms of clients blamed for intoxicated driving or related driving offenses. The training routinely takes on situations where respondents face conventional DUI allegations, DUI under age 21 charges, crime DUI, misdeed tanked endlessly driving affected by drugs. The training has an on location private agent to assist with reality tracking down for each situation.

Kosnett Law Firm

Serving the Berkeley people group, Kosnett Law Firm addresses clients in criminal safeguards, including DUIs, crimes, misdeeds, attacks, and medication charges. Its lawful administrations for DUI concerns cover assessing clients’ cases, educating them about the gamble regarding convictions, and looking for different treatment choices for those captured for drug assets. Kosnett Law Firm additionally handles insolvency and business regulation cases. Louis V. Kosnett, the criminal protection and regulatory attorney, has been with the firm starting around 2007. He is a County Bar Association and Beverly Hills Bar Association part.

Lamano Law

Lawyer Lamano of Lamano Law is a DWI legal counselor close to Berkeley. The training puts an emphasis on guarding people blamed for driving impaired. The group is skilled at dealing with first, second, third, fourth, and ensuing DUI litigants and gives portrayal at DMV hearings and procedures. Furthermore, it takes on business DUI, underage DUI, and DUI with refusal situations where a breathalyzer or synthetic testing has been rejected preceding capture.

Regulation Office of Francisco Rodriguez

The Law Office of Francisco Rodriguez is an Oakland-based firm stretching out its administrations to clients in the Berkeley metro. It addresses litigants in DUI cases before the DMV and state courts. Its lawyer, Francisco Rodriguez, has gotten preparing in blood testing techniques. With 24 years of criminal guard insight, he handles abusive behavior at home, attack, robbery, and traffic offenses. Francisco Rodriguez began his expert profession helping lawyers in preliminary arrangements at the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.

Morris Law

Morris Law serves the legitimate necessities of clients in Berkeley and the encompassing networks. It addresses people having to deal with DUI penalties, trying to decrease or dispose of punishments like fines, permit suspension, and detainment. It likewise handles cases including abusive behavior at home, murder, sex wrongdoings, and medication violations. The company’s pioneer, Seth Morris, filled in as an official on the Berkeley Police Review Commission from 2012 to 2013. He is familiar with Spanish and is knowledgeable in all parts of California regulations.

Rebecca Feigelson Law

Rebecca Feigelson Law is a criminal guard firm that serves the inhabitants of Berkeley and the encompassing regions. It handles both court and DMV procedures for cases including driving impaired. It utilizes guards like absence of reasonable justification, stifled proof, and inappropriately managed tests. Different administrations that it offers incorporate fixing and annihilating capture records. Head lawyer Rebecca Feigelson has been specializing in legal matters for more than 10 years. She is an individual from the National College for DUI Defense.

Robert D. Byers

Robert D. Byers is a criminal guard lawyer serving Berkeley and close by areas. He offers legitimate portrayal and advice for people captured for DUI. He addresses clients in preliminaries and DMV hearings, which decide permit suspensions. The attorney additionally safeguards the freedoms of clients having to deal with aggressive behavior at home and manslaughter penalties. Also, he works with clients looking for help with fixing, erasing, or cleaning criminal records. Byers is a previous public protector who has twenty years of involvement.

Silver Law Firm

The Silver Law Firm close to Berkeley is a believed DUI safeguard firm contribution forceful portrayal and insight for people blamed for tipsy driving charges. Mr. Silver has over 24 years of involvement proclaiming the freedoms and freedoms of his clients in the court, and he use his experience to appropriately survey each case and assist with tracking down an edge for clients. Silver is an individual from The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The Law Office of Nors Davidson

The Law Office of Nors Davidson offers DUI safeguard portrayal and insight close to Berkeley. Serving the necessities of clients all through Northern California for over 15 years, Attorney Davidson comprehends the subtleties of DUI accusations, and the objective set with each case is for the most part excusal or having charges diminished to crazy driving and probation. Mr. Davidson takes on first-time, under 21, business, and multi-charge DUI cases. Free meetings are accessible.

The Law Office of Robert Tayac

The Law Office of Robert Tayac gives DUI protection to clients close to Berkeley and encompassing networks. Lawyer Tayac has over twenty years of court insight and is a distributed creator on DUI protection. He remains with clients through the whole course of being accused of DUI, from hearings to arraignments and jury preliminaries. The training takes on customary DUI clients too and second, third, and fourth DUI litigants, out-of-state DUI cases, and DUI with refusal of blood/breath tests.

Torres and Caraves Law

Torres and Caraves Law close to Berkeley offers DUI offense for its clients in the neighborhood encompassing networks. The group battles tirelessly for the privileges of its clients and has over 20 years of aggregate involvement with the court. Serving the whole Bay Area, the training adopts a state of the art strategy to each case to guarantee the most ideal result. Lawyer Torres is an individual from the National College for DUI Defense and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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