Best Mortgage Brokers in Berkeley

Advantage Funding

Advantage Funding is a home loan financier firm that takes care of clients in Berkeley. It aids the buy and renegotiating of homes, country estates, and venture properties restricted to four units. Observing loaning guidelines, its group assists clients with picking a reasonable credit sum and plan and offers credit choices, for example, large, VA, HARP, customary, and switch contract. To give borrowers the proper rates and terms, the firm works with various moneylenders including Union Bank, Stearns, and Freemont Bank.

Atalanta Financial

Atalanta Financial has been serving clients in the Berkeley region beginning around 2007. The firm offers an assortment of home loan choices to first-time and veteran property purchasers. Its group assists clients with picking their terms, including downpayment and rates. The organization likewise helps with rebuilding existing home loans for lower regularly scheduled installments and for getting cash in return for a home’s value. What’s more, it offers credits for business and development clients, alongside VA and FHA advances.

California Mortgage Advisors

California Mortgage Advisors helps clients in the Berkeley region. The firm offers an assortment of home loan choices, including pre-endorsement for first-time property purchasers. It additionally assists clients with renegotiating their home loans to bring down their installments, alongside offering graduated house buybacks to give money to property holders who are somewhere around 62 years of age. Furthermore, California Mortgage Advisors offers credits from centers, VA, and FHA. Organization president and CEO Jack Terrell has over twenty years of industry experience.

Esters Mortgage

Esters Mortgage is a business that offers complete home loan answers for clients in Berkeley and its close by regions. The firm has 17 years of involvement assisting clients with possessing their most memorable homes as well as getting new lower regularly scheduled installments. It likewise offers an assortment of credit choices including FHA, VA, USDA, gigantic, and fixed or movable home loan credits. Moreover, its credit officials and home loan experts help property holders with renegotiating, switch endlessly contract restraint.

Fishman Financial Group Incorporated

Fishman Financial Group Incorporated functions as a home loan merchant that serves clients in Berkeley. It assists clients with getting land supporting for venture, homes, and business properties. It leads an assessment of the clients’ conditions to decide their monetary requirements and looks for arrangements connected with their circumstance. It likewise helps clients in checking loan costs and advance projects and tracks down potential choices to bring down the expense through renegotiating. This organization has upheld different foundations in Albany, for example, the music store and school CARE.

Path Mortgage

Path Mortgage serves Berkeley, San Leandro, Woodbridge, and other close by regions. Its determination of monetary items incorporates enormous, USDA, FHA, and VA credits. The organization likewise aids the renegotiating of existing home loans and credits. Its staff guides clients through the most common way of benefiting themselves of these items, from aiding them pre-fit the bill for their picked funding choice to helping them in investigating disparities in their advance application and assisting them with evaluating the credit terms prior to marking and shutting.

LaSalle Mortgage Services

LaSalle Mortgage Services offers customized answers for Berkeley. Its credit guides meet with clients to find out about their objectives, helping them in exploring through their choices and making sense of what every conceivable arrangement involves. They guide people in applying for FHA, VA, large, organization adjusting, and high-balance advances. Different items presented by the organization are business and blended use, out-of-state, and house buybacks. Branch chief Roger Smith has more than 40 years of business experience in San Francisco Bay.

Advance Depot

loan Depot is a home loan organization that has been serving Berkeley and the encompassing networks starting around 2010. It helps people in picking a credit program that meets their requirements whether they are purchasing, renegotiating, or fabricating a property. The credit choices incorporate ARM, FHA, VA, and house buyback. Its group uses the mello programming stage to oversee advance exchanges and gather pay and resource data. The company’s CEO, Anthony Hsieh, has given feature locations to the Digital Mortgage Conference and the Mortgage Banking Association’s yearly show.

Made Mortgage, Inc.

Made Mortgage, Inc., is an organization serving Berkeley and the encompassing networks. It helps people who are hoping to purchase or renegotiate a property in browsing an extensive variety of credit choices. These incorporate FHA, VA, kind sized, and 30-year fixed contract. Its group of experts gives refreshed data about the continually changing home loan rates and directs a renegotiate examination. The organization’s proprietor, Scott Nguyen, has over 10 years of industry experience and furthermore serves in local area non-benefits.

Michael Koran

Laid out in 2008, Mike Koran is an authorized home loan merchant and division leader of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., serving clients in Berkeley and its encompassing regions. He gives different home loan items and administrations, including customary, FHA, VA, and large home loan plans. Koran’s broad foundation in administration, deals, and activities has helped large number of property holders in effectively supporting their home loan. He is an enthusiastic tennis player who contends in the USTA and has chipped in UN displaced person camps all over the planet.

Shared of Omaha

Shared of Omaha is a home loan business serving clients in Berkeley and the encompassing regions. It gives retirement arranging help through an assortment of credit programs. These incorporate home buyback, kind sized turn around home loan, and renegotiate. It likewise offers Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase, which empowers property holders to utilize their graduated home buyback continues to purchase new homes. Common of Omaha has a versatile application through which clients can speak with their trained professionals and work out their credits.


Newfi is a home loan business firm serving people and families in Berkeley and the encompassing regions. It has a loaning entrance that permits clients to close their credits effectively and speak with partners all through the loaning system. Its group of experts has more than 100 years of joined insight. Its item group makes specialty items that permit its accomplices to close more advances. The organization likewise involves computerization in its tasks, like record assortments and correspondences.

Oak Leaf Funding

Preeminent Lending is a full-administration contract moneylender that has been working in Berkeley and encompassing regions beginning around 1999. Its branch supervisor, Danielle Pollack, has been in the business for north of twenty years. Pollack and her group are knowledgeable about private loaning. They guide clients through each period of the advance cycle — from application and handling to shutting. They additionally offer customary and specialty advance projects. Preeminent Lending is authorized to serve in 50 states and is a double cross beneficiary of the Dallas 100 Award.

The Crosby Team

The Crosby Team is a member of Guaranteed Rate that takes care of clients in Berkeley. Individuals who are purchasing a property can find support with getting a credit. Its group helps with picking terms like the downpayment and the loan cost. The organization likewise assists clients with getting new home loans for lower regularly scheduled installments or money utilizing their home’s value. Dianne Crosby, who fills in as Guaranteed Rate’s VP of home loan loaning, took care of almost $385 million in contracts in 2020.

Zach Griffin

Zach Griffin is a go-between among borrowers and moneylenders all through Berkeley. As a home loan specialist, he helps with land exchanges by carving out opportunity to grasp client’s monetary objectives and furnishing them with custom fitted home loan arrangements. He and his group of credit associates, processors, guarantors, and closers are prepared in all aspects of the business. They have likewise collaborated with Guaranteed Rate Affinity, an innovative stage, and Realogy, a business that permits representatives to showcase administrations to auxiliaries like NRT and Cartus.The proprietors of Oak Leaf Funding, Wahid Afzal and Charles Gianfrate, have north of twenty years of loaning experience and assist buyers in the buy or renegotiate with selling credits. They offer clients a scope of credit choices, for example, 203K credits, 30-year and 15-year fixed home loan, VA and enormous credits, switch home loan, and USDA and HARP advances.

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