Best Probate Lawyers in Berkeley

Adriana Quintero Attorney at Law

The Adriana Quintero, Attorney at Law, gives help with probate and bequest wanting to clients in Berkeley. The lawyer, Adriana Quintero, assists clients with guaranteeing that the greater part of their resources are moved to their picked recipients in the afterlife. Furthermore, she helps people in drafting living trusts, living wills, and medical care mandates. As a method for rewarding the local area, Quintero’s law office gives individuals matured 65 or more, as well as military and fundamental laborers, with exceptional help with drafting medical care mandates.

Atashi Rang Ewing-Rice Law Firm PC

Atashi Rang Ewing-Rice Law Firm PC has two workplaces in California. It offers conference and portrayal to Berkeley residents who need legitimate help probating a bequest of a departed individual. Its lawyers likewise help proficiently oversee trusts. Furthermore, their administrations incorporate drafting and getting ready domain arranging reports, like wills, trusts, and full legal authorities for monetary and medical care mandates. Amir Atashi-Rang, the company’s pioneer, is a board-guaranteed expert in domain arranging, trusts, and probate regulation.

Bonnie K. Cleric

Bonnie K. Cleric has been addressing Berkeley occupants concerning their probate, bequest arranging, and trust matters starting around 1988. Her clients incorporate people, couples, and families in the metro. Diocesan verifies that her clients comprehend the probate interaction, the court’s expectation’s, and how to deal with related errands, from gathering and esteeming resources for making good on the decedent’s charges. Diocesan is an ensured expert in home preparation, probate, and trust regulation by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization.

Button Law Inc.

Button Law, Inc., handles bequest matters for clients in Berkeley and close by regions. Its lawyers help with exploring the probate cycle, assisting clients with recording desk work to forestall delays. They make answers for bequests to diminish the issues of probate, changing property deeds at the County Recorder’s Office and putting properties under trusts. Elizabeth Button recently functioned as a regulation representative at the San Mateo Probate Court and is a worker at the Institute on Aging.

Cappelloni Law PC

Cappelloni Law PC addresses clients in the Berkeley metro. It assists bequest heads and agents with exploring the probate cycle and satisfy their guardian obligations, like making a stock of resources, telling recipients and beneficiaries at regulation, illuminating and paying leasers, and getting a court request for resource dissemination. It additionally takes on cases including trust organization and bequest plan drafting and execution. The company’s foremost lawyer, Lauren Cappelloni, is a trusts and domains segment individual from the California Lawyers Association.

Hedemark Law

Hedemark Law is a confidential legitimate practice that serves people and families in Berkeley and the encompassing regions. It gives lawful help to probate court matters, which additionally incorporates conservatorships and the guardianship of minors. It likewise offers related administrations, for example, home preparation and organization. Furthermore, the firm exhorts on issues with respect to land and property suit. Head lawyer Justin Peter Hedemark has been specializing in legal matters for over six years. He can serve clients in English and German.

Hoekstra Law, P.C.

Hoekstra Law PC is a shop law office established by Heather Matsumoto Hoekstra, a probate lawyer in Berkeley with more than 10 years of legitimate experience serving clients in the encompassing networks. Ms. Hoekstra has effectively addressed individuals in all parts of probate organization, including bequest suit where closely involved individuals charge misrepresentation or the psychological insufficiency of the decedent at the hour of composing their will. The firm additionally rehearses senior regulation.

Huber Law Group, A.P.C.

Huber Law Group APC is a little firm established by Jonathan P. Huber, a probate legal counselor close to Berkeley with over 17 years of lawful experience. He is additionally board-ensured by the California Board of Legal Specialization in home preparation, trust organization, and probate. Lawyer Huber and his kindred legal advisors practice all parts of probate regulation, from assisting named agents with playing out their job without wandering external the law to managing cases including charges of bad behavior, like extortion.

Regulation Office Of Jane K. Penhaligen

The Law Office Of Jane K. Penhaligen is the expert home of Jane Penhaligen, a domain arranging lawyer close to Berkeley with over 20 years of involvement giving sympathetic help to will agents in issues of probate. Practically Attorney Penhaligen’s all’s experience is in facilitating the exchange of abundance from decedents to their main beneficiaries and recipients, guaranteeing lenders are managed and burdens recorded. Miss Penhaligen likewise assists with charge arranging and trust organization.

Regulation Offices of F. Michael Hanson

The Law Offices of F. Michael Hanson is a confidential practice with over 42 years of lawful experience. Lawyer Hanson has served numerous clients needing a probate lawyer who can direct them through the cycle and is delicate to the inner difficulties of managing the bequest of a friend or family member. The Law Offices of F. Michael Hanson likewise practice senior regulation domain arranging and nursing home resource security.

Regulation Offices of Howard E. Kane

The Law Offices of Howard E. Kane is a shop practice that centers solely around all parts of home preparation and trust and probate organization in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lawyer Kane has been specializing in legal matters beginning around 1990 and has huge experience directing agents through the probate cycle. He has additionally effectively liquidized homes, managed claims from lenders, and guaranteed beneficiaries and recipients accepted their legacies as fast as could be expected.

Regulation Offices of Wayne A Lampert

Situated in Oakland and Dallas, the Law Offices of Wayne A. Lampert has been serving Berkeley clients starting around 1995. Lampert is a probate lawyer who gives legitimate guidance to legal administrators, chairmen, and agents. He addresses clients in probate procedures and supporters for recipient interests. What’s more, he manages cases, for example, will challenges and trustee prosecutions. The Law Offices of Wayne A. Lampert likewise handles legitimate issues including business new companies, association disintegration, business questions, trusts, and medical care mandates.

Individuals Law Practice

Individuals Law Practice is a full-administration firm of probate lawyers close to Berkeley who address people and families all through the encompassing networks. The lawyers have insight in helping will agents during the profound and legitimate burdens of directing the last will of a friend or family member. Their administrations incorporate requesting of the legitimate probate court, advising closely involved individuals of the start of probate, like beneficiaries and leasers, and liquidizing the home in anticipation of handover to its recipients.

Sara R. Precious stone PhD Attorney at Law

Sara R. Precious stone, Ph.D. Lawyer at Law is a firm that furnishes legitimate help to clients with probate worries in the Berkeley metro. Its lawyer helps in getting ready home preparation, assessing domain reports, and refreshing them when essential. She additionally makes moral wills or inheritance letters for her client’s recipients and main beneficiaries. Having distributed four books about conservative political developments, Dr. Sara R. Precious stone is likewise a notable creator and was beforehand an insightful writer.

The Law Offices of: Kathryn M. Murphy

The Law Offices of Kathryn M. Murphy is a confidential law office that serves the inhabitants of Berkeley and the encompassing regions. It gives probate organization administrations, which incorporate the assortment, the executives, and liquidation of home resources. If vital, it works with outside experts like bookkeepers, monetary counsels, and property supervisors. Head lawyer Kathryn M. Murphy has been providing legal counsel for over thirty years. She is an individual from the American Bar Association’s Trust and Estate Law Section.

Tseng Law Firm

Tseng Law Firm is a gathering of domain arranging lawyers that serves clients in Berkeley. The lawyers at the firm address clients in probate and domain debates. They likewise offer domain arranging administrations, drafting wills, tough legal authorities, revocable living trusts, pour-over wills, and different records that assist with forestalling clashes over an individual’s bequest after their passing or incapacity. The firm is going by Sabrina Tseng, who is an individual from WealthCounsel, an association of bequest arranging legal counselors from around the US.

Urbatsch Law Firm P.C.

Settled in Berkeley, Urbatsch Law Firm P.C. assists neighborhood clients with getting ready for the future with domain arranging and probate administrations. Its lawyers work with individuals from various different backgrounds, including high-total assets people and families with unobtrusive method for money. It helps with making wills, revocable living trusts, high level medical services mandates, and powers of lawyers. It likewise designs Medi-Cal advantages and VA Aid and Attendance annuities. Head legal counselor Kevin Urbatsch is an ensured expert in domain arranging, trust, and probate regulation.

Zachary Epstein Attorney at Law, CPA, MBA

Zachary Epstein Attorney at Law, CPA, MBA conveys legitimate answers for the occupants of Berkeley and the encompassing networks. It gives counsel on a wide cluster of probate and bequest arranging matters, including probate and trust organization, home and gift government form readiness, and overarching legal authorities. The firm additionally handles wills, revocable living trusts, and family restricted associations. Its attorney, Zachary Epstein, has over 25 years of involvement with the lawful and monetary businesses.

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