How Has the Internet Transformed the Music Industry?

Since the drastic progression of the internet in the early 1990s, the music industry has transformed in uncountable ways. From the way artists compose music to the way we consume it, the modern music business has become more advanced and accessible for fans all over the world.

For example, the progression between analog tape machines and phonographs to digital recording tools has been extremely grand.  Today, artists can create music right from their home studios, and interact with their global fans through live-streamed performances. Similarly, the songwriters can also record music albums and release them on various streaming platforms without paying even a single penny to professional distributors, etc. 

So, just in case, you belong to the music business or happen to be a music freak (just like us), then it might interest you to know about the ins and outs of the modern music industry. In this article, we have come up with the top seven ways the music world has progressed since the early 1990s.  

So, let’s get started!

Online Streaming

Online streaming has proven to be one of the most prominent, and useful tech trends in the music industry. These days, we have numerous internet-based streaming platforms to enjoy our favorite type of music on the go. For example, you can easily listen to any artist or any music album almost instantly, from hip hop rock melodies to classic jazz beats, the internet has tons of music genres to offer. 

Certified streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify allow consumers to ‘borrow’ music from other users, instead of buying it. This is probably one of the major reasons why artists these days focus more on releasing singles instead of full music albums.

The best part is that you can use these streaming services 24/7 – however, the only key here is to have stable internet connectivity at home, so that you get to enjoy lag-free music. For example, you can always rely on high-coverage internet connections like Spectrum which provides robust internet signals at all times. 

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Ease of Publishing 

Let’s admit it, music in the late 1990s wasn’t easy to publish at all. The artists had to invest tons of money to release their albums in the market, and also to advertise them on media. However, thankfully, that’s not the case now – the publishing process has become much easier, and hassle-free in the current era. 

Today, artists can easily publish and advertise their music via different social media accounts, and live streaming platforms. They do not need fancy studios, or expensive music distributing services to sell their music to the audience. This has not only helped artists save money, but also made music more accessible for all kind of fans around the world. 

Industry Change

Thankfully, we are no longer living in an era where different music genres are not accepted – today, we have tons of music variety available on the internet which is not only praised by the audience but also encouraged by music companies. 

Due to the increased music tech tools, and inventions around the world, the audience wants increased creativity and innovation in music. This has certainly made musicians more focused on composing new types of music every now and then. From Punk Rock and Pop Music to Techno and Funk, the internet has a wide range of music options available to cater the needs of different listeners.  

Needless to say, this has brought a massive change to the music industry. And to be honest, that feels pretty good.

Online Shopping

Many professional music artists make a significant amount of their income through online, e-commerce stores. For example, they get to sell their music CDs, merchandise, and LPs on different internet retail platforms, without having the need to step out of their home. This has not only added more flexibility and convenience to the music trade, but also proven to be more cost-effective for both parties – the buyers, and the sellers. 

All you need to do is open up your favorite online music store, and order any type of music you want on the go. But, as these stores cannot be accessed without the internet, you need to ensure being connected to a high-speed internet connection like Spectrum – it supports speedy browsing, downloading, and streaming round-the-clock. 

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Discovering New Artists

Living in 2022, we cannot even imagine the excitement to discover new music artists in the pre-internet age. Needless to mention, it was a significant moment to be able to hear their music for the first time. After all, the audience had to wait for months to attend music concerts, purchase new CDs, and see their favorite artists on television.

However, that’s not the case now. Today, we see a variety of new musicians every now and then performing on different streaming platforms, and TV shows.  Although it adds more recognition on the artists’ side, some people still feel that it takes away the adventure of discovering live music in concerts. 

The Bottom-Line

Up until now, the best thing about modern music tools and tech advancement is that it has made music more accessible to all. There has been a drastic increase in the variety of genres, as well as the music artists around the world. 

Besides this, social media has made it easier for fans to connect with their favorite musicians on the go, which was obviously a far-fetched dream in the pre-internet era. In a nutshell, we believe that this change has turned out to be pretty positive for both parties. It has not only added to the charm of listening to our favorite tracks but also made music composition easier for the artists.  

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