Joe Cianciotto Shares an Understanding on Creative Direction

There is no limit to exploring different subjects on a professional level; creative direction is one such genre of a profession that is not so often traversed yet a very lucrative one certainly. Individuals such as Joe Cianciotto who served as an executive director and chief digital officer at DDB, New York for more than a decade should be able to vouch for the same.

The broad scope of creative direction is often the reason that it cannot be defined very clearly. However, the creative direction can be best defined as the part of brand development that uses creatively designed concepts to promote a brand. Logos, advertisements, brochures, and flyers are all various tools this profession uses to make a brand’s presence is felt.

The basic elements of creative direction include art, design and strategy. Art gives the brand a visual effect, it helps to give a face to your imagination using color semiotics. Design is the aspect that employs the graphics to give the desired look to the brand; and strategy is the planning done of how the brand will appear to the audiences.

Creative direction as a profession will never go out of demand. The reason being the need of every brand for marketing. All businesses will always require to put their brand in front of the masses and that is when they will have to seek the help of creative direction right from conception to completion. It could be said to be the connection between the company and the audience.

Creative directors such as Joe Cianciotto work towards defining the lifecycle of a brand. The way a particular brand is upheld in the audience’s view is directly responsible for customer loyalty and thereby the validation of the brands life.

This is a means of building the brand not just for new startups, but also for the big fishes in the market. A company is in constant need of up-gradation and improvement; even the slightest alteration in the products and services of a brand needs to be conveyed to its target audience. And this has to be done effectively or else the intention of growth will fall flat in the face.

A creative director like Joe Cianciotto thinks creatively and strategically to put a brand in the best light. They consider the target audience, what kind of perception the brand wants the audiences to have towards their product, what the objectives and goals of the brand are, to be able to give form to the concept of the brand.

Creative direction empowers brand awareness. The skill and experience of the creative directors help materialize the thoughts of the brand owners. This is what helps them achieve their business goals and establish themselves as a provider of certain products and services.

It is thus very evident that creative direction as profession will never suffer a loss, thereby making it a very profitable career option. Hence, even if one can see a spark of creativity in themselves, creative direction is certainly a option to consider when deciding upon building their career.

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