Look For Vermeer’s Paintbrush Genshin Impact

Vermeer’s paintbrush and paint areas are necessary to the Lihue Landscape mission in Gentian Impact. The goal is “Search for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paints,” however it’s significant that there are just two places where this journey thing produces. The two areas are:

•    Somewhat east of the western Teleport Waypoint in Lihue Pool, close to certain books on a bluff behind a shrubbery.

•  Northwest the eastern Teleport Waypoint in Lihue Pool, in a corner by certain walls close to a sack.

It doesn’t make any difference which request the player finds his artwork apparatuses. The only thing that is in any way important is that the player gathers the two of them and conveys them to Vermeer to continue with the journey.

Finding Vermeer’s paintbrush and paint in Gentian Impact

The primary paintbrush and paint to gather are found east of the western Teleport Waypoint in Lihue Pool. Find a tree and a stone east of that Teleport Waypoint. Continue past it and stop at the edge of the bluff, as shown in the above picture.

Note: As the player does the journey, they will see a yellow emanation in these areas. Cooperate with them (there ought to be an “Research” brief). These pictures simply exhibit to the player where to find Vermeer’s painting apparatuses (as they don’t appear again after the journey is finished, thus their nonattendance here).

Assuming that the player arrives, they ought to handily find the yellow quality they need to collaborate with to gather the fundamental things.

Utilize the eastern Teleport Waypoint in Lihue Pool and travel northwest to the above area. Go as far as possible past the brazier to see one more region with books and sacks close to the bluff. The last paintbrush and paint to gather are in the corner close to one of those sacks.

When the player gathers these things, return them to their proprietor to do the following piece of the Lihue Landscape journey. They will be given a Strange Stone and need to view as another.

Viewing as the other Strange Stone

There are a couple of potential places where the second Strange Stone can bring forth. One player can track down the Strange Stone in a better place than another player. There are just three eminent produces for this journey thing. They all produce in shallow water.

A few areas could have Hilichurls close by, yet crushing them isn’t obligatory for the Lihue Landscape mission. A portion of these areas could give the player irregular garbage like Radishes, yet disregard that and continue to look.

When the player gets the second Strange Stone from one of those three areas, they should return to Vermeer and climb the two massive sculptures. When the player is close to the top of a sculpture, there ought to be a “Puzzling Statue” brief.

Embed the Strange Stone into the two sculptures, and afterward utilize the Geo component on the Elemental Monument that is currently accessible. Be ready to overcome a Pyro, Cry, and Hydro Abyss Mage triplet in 90 seconds. Whenever that is finished, head into the remnants and open the close by Luxurious Chest to complete the journey.

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