Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting Sisal rugs from Floorspace

It is basic human tendency to get attracted towards beautiful things. This instinct has given vent to an active home decor phenomenon. Rugs are an essential part of it. All of us like to have beautiful rugs as essential floor space coverings. Since times immemorial, distinctive varieties of rugs have been in use like sea grass, sisal and jute rugs. Sisal rugs are the most popular amongst all. Besides adding the exotic look to your homes, it also brings about ancient memories likewise that of the traditional bulrush rugs that were quite popular in ancient Egypt as amazing floor coverings.

Sisal rug is derived from the fibres of a species of cactus plant, Agave Sisalana. This plant traces its origin to the city of Yucatana and was named after the name of the port from where it was exported for the very first time. The plant generally grows in semi arid environments where the climate is warm and dry and such type of hot climate is best suited for the growth of large fleshy leaves of sisal. These fleshy leaves are crushed to fetch sisal fibre and later scraped so that only the fibres remain. The obtained fibres are thereafter dried in the sun or afterwards exposed alternatively to dry air. It is very much important to dry the fibres as the quality of sisal depends upon the moisture content present in it. The finally derived product is durable, long lasting, strong sisal that is perfect for production of sisal ropes, handicrafts, mats, carpets and many more things. Interestingly, sisal is perfect for dyeing and that makes it a most sought choice for making sisal rugs. The star exporters of sisal fibres comprise of México, Brazil, Tanzania and Kenya.

Literally speaking, you can actually walk on cactus!

Here we list you some of the characteristic of sisal rugs that make it an ideal choice for floor space coverings:

You will be amazed to know that sisal plantations do not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides, so you can appreciate yourself for going easy on environment with sisal rugs in place.

Floorspace sisal rugs are absolutely natural and biodegradable; not only the manufacturing but also the disintegration of sisal rugs does not emit any harmful toxins into the environment. Since the raw of material of sisal rugs is derived from natural sources, sisal rugs are absolutely sustainable and do not put any undue pressure on our limited natural resources.

Owing to the molecular structure of sisal fibres, it is naturally sound absorbing which implies they absorb excessive sound in the areas where they are laid. Also, it is resistant to fire and anti static i.e. it does not create electricity.

The unique characteristics of sisal encompass its nature that it contracts and expands depending on the weather conditions. Also, dust and dirt is not retained by sisal rugs.

A word of caution would entail not to use it in moisture-laden areas like bathrooms or kitchens as it may play havoc with its fibers, ensuring the longevity and quality of the flooring. Consider suitable alternatives for such spaces, ensuring the durability and functionality of the flooring inside Selena Quintanilla House Inside.

Sisal rugs require low maintenance. A few shakes are just suffice to ward off dust and dirt, nevertheless, it is recommended to vacuum clean it to ensure that it lasts longer.

So, choose from the vast collection of Floorspace sisal rugs from their range of designs, patterns and weaves and add exotic and healthful vibe to your places of abode.

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