We’ve written a lot of blog posts on how to locate the best and most economical auto insurance since PitStopArabia started offering it in the UAE. In order to help you discover a better deal, we have also analyzed a number of UAE auto insurance companies. And not just that. We also have a ton of articles on different aspects of auto insurance.

For instance, we’ve discussed the many types of auto insurance and which is most suitable for automobile owners. We do, however, feel that we have let our readers and customers down. Why? The reason is that we have always focused on getting the lowest car insurance without informing you of the risks involved. We’ve decided to fix the issue after realizing our mistake.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the drawbacks of selecting the cheapest car insurance. Let’s first examine some fascinating statistics on auto insurance.


• Because it makes instant comparisons of insurance prices possible, the internet has reduced the cost of auto insurance. Insurance companies have had to lower their premiums as a result of the increasing ease of doing business and competition.

• A person’s credit score is just as important as their driving history and claim history.

• Individuals under the age of 25 pay the highest insurance premiums.

• The cost of insurance is significantly influenced by the type of vehicle.

• Your line of work has advantages and disadvantages. People who work for police enforcement agencies typically receive discounts, whereas those in the transportation industry typically pay higher prices.

• It is preferable to stay with your present provider if you have a bad credit history so that you can raise your credit score before moving to a new one.

Now that we’re back on our original topic, let’s discuss the drawbacks of affordable insurance. Even if the terms “automobile insurance Dubai” or “car insurance in UAE” may be used, the following information is applicable to all nations. Only because we now offer services to customers in the UAE do we use terminology like UAE or Dubai.


We want to emphasize that being affordable isn’t always a bad thing before we move further. On occasion, cheap may be exactly what you need. However, issues only start to arise when the policyholder has divergent expectations from the insurance. In order to prevent such problems, it is best to carefully study the policy.

No Roadside Assistance

The lowest auto insurance plan from 99.99% of UAE car insurance providers does not include roadside assistance. After all, they have little incentive to do so because offering roadside assistance could be quite expensive for the company. Imagine you are off-roading in the middle of the desert when your car battery dies. It is now the insurance company’s responsibility to send a recovery truck to that site, which is a difficult and time-consuming process. As a result, auto insurance companies exclude these benefits from their most affordable plans.

Agency Repair is not Included

What precisely is agency repair? I doubt that many of you have ever heard of this expression. On this website, every vehicle dealership maintains a list of approved service networks. These businesses are authorized to carry out official auto maintenance and repairs. In the context of motor insurance, the term “agency repair” now refers to the insurance company completing all repairs at a listed agency as opposed to a third party.

You won’t have to be concerned about receiving subpar work as a result. When getting the cheapest auto insurance, there is basically little chance of receiving agency repair. No auto insurance provider will include agency repairs in their least expensive package because to their exorbitant cost. As a result, you could have to select an unapproved repair shop, which could end up causing more damage to the vehicle.

No Off-Road Insurance

One of the best activities the UAE has to offer is off-road driving in the huge deserts. To show that it is not just something that outsiders like, even the native Emiratis occasionally take time out of their busy schedules to engage in this. Unfortunately, if you selected the cheapest motor insurance, any damage incurred while off-roading will not be covered. As a result, you might have to make a sizable repair charge.

Furthermore, you would be liable for paying their medical bills, injury claims, and even repair costs if you were to cause a crash. POTHOLE DAMAGE TIRES Therefore, it is recommended to stay in the city and stay away from off-road driving. If you’re extremely enthusiastic about off-road driving, upgrade your coverage. If you’re thinking of canceling your insurance, please read this article. This article discusses various issues to avoid when ending the current policy. Make sure you read it thoroughly.

Even the most expensive insurance policy might not cover every risk associated with off-road driving. For instance, most insurance companies in the UAE do not cover off-road events like dune bashing. To determine what is covered and what is not, it is best to carefully review the policy.

Car Excess

Recall our article on driving too much? This point is strongly related to what you read there, so if you haven’t read it, we respectfully ask that you do. To put it simply, the excess is the amount that the policyholder will pay when they submit a claim. The needed excess is frequently omitted from or unclear in cheap insurance plans. The policyholder ends up paying far more than they would have if they had selected a more expensive insurance plan as a result.

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