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Plot at the Passiflora

Go to the Passiflora and converse with Marquise Serenity, who is in the space toward the north-west, rather than her standard spot. She’ll lead you to the gathering spot, clarifying that on the off chance that she’s not one of the schemers, she’s basically mindful of the intrigue. Pass through the mysterious entryway close where she was standing and up a steps to find Dijkstra, who will acquaint you with one of his co-schemers. Seems like previous knowledge officials will generally remain together, and Radovid’s maddened every one of them… save one glaring exclusion from the primary Witcher game… Anyways, ask what’s generally anticipated of you and you’ll be shipped off to track down an unpredictable partner of theirs.

Quick travel to the “Boundary Post” sign and travel north across an extension to track down Gregor. Converse with him and he’ll explain to you why he’s in on the scheme before he enlightens you concerning the “shoemaker” you’re searching for, whose truck was viewed as neighboring… it for the most part builds up the possibility that Radovid is awful, and give you more inspiration to own the death.

In any case, when you have the data you really want head through the Border Post, cross the extension toward the south-east to get back to focal Velen, then proceed with south-east along the street. Overlook the primary fork (toward the south-west) and keep following the street south-east, then, at that point, east a brief distance until you arrive at another fork, so, all in all follow the south-eastern way. Along this street you ought to track down the shoemaker’s truck – the huge shoe on top ought to recognize it alright.

Savages and Thaler

Kill a few Wolves (level five) and a Warg (level eight) then initiate your Witcher Senses to recognize some “indications of a fight” on a street, then, at that point, travel south-west, following a path of shoes (as opposed to their prints for a change). En route you’ll find a Troll, who is obsessing about a heap of shoes. Ask the Troll – Rogg – about the shoes and he’ll point you in the correct heading. Make a beeline for the “Beast Den” north-west of the “Hanged Man’s Tree” sign. While previously home to some Nekkers, it is presently the home to Trolls.

Adventure into the cavern’s huge cave, where you’ll track down your shoemaker, as well as the other two Trolls, Ogg and Pogg. On the off chance that you compromise the Trolls, you’ll incite them, and need to battle three Rock Trolls (level sixteen). In any case, explore the discussion and you can perceive them that you simply have to get the shoemaker for a brief period.

One way or another, grab the shoemaker and you two will chat on your way back to his truck. At the point when you arrive at the truck there will be more jabber; get some information about his shoemaker go about however you see fit the mission will end.


Finishing the missions “Tit for tat” , “Redania’s Most Wanted” and “A Deadly Plot” will permit us to begin the journey “Reason of State” later in the game, which enormously affects the drawn out legislative issues of the north. All alone, in any case, they don’t change anything, so there’s no mischief in finishing them, regardless of how splendid or disheartening you maintain that the eventual fate of the north should be.

Gwent: Playing Thaler

Before you run off, converse with Thaler once more, where you’ll track down the choice to play Gwent with him. He has an unremarkable Scoia’tael deck, depend on him to utilize his “Francesca Findabair, the Beautiful” card to support the Strength of his Ranged Unit Cards, yet in any case, he’s generally got mid-strength unit cards and a couple of frail cards with the “Summon” capacity. At the point when you win you’ll leave with the sought after “Geralt of Rivia” card, a 15 Strength Close Combat Unit Hero Card. This will begin and finish the mission “Gwent: Playing Thaler” as well as update the journey “Gwent: Old Pals”  Like Vernon, Thaler advises you to play Lambert.

You’ve at long last found time to help Triss, scored a few outlines for (and ideally created) some new Witcher gear, and for the most part are prepared to abandon Novigrad. Before you head off to Skellige, nonetheless, there’s a touch of rewarding investigation that should be possible. The city of Novigrad has been very much quested (overlooking the couple of missions that are still sufficiently high of a level as to worth defer) as have the environs south and south-east of Novigrad. A couple of missions have given you a lot of reasons to investigate to the point of finding the “Carsten”, “Vegelbud Residence” and “Wheat Fields” signs, yet anything north of that is patchy, best case scenario. The objective of this investigation segment will be to investigate and mission the grounds east of Novigrad, while keeping away from anything that is excessively high of a level or part of the “Unfeeling natures” DLC.


Quick travel to the “Wheat Fields” sign assuming you have it, or to the “Vegelbud Residence” sign. In the last option case travel north-west to see as the “Wheat Fields” sign, from which you can follow a street north and north-east (jump a wall to remain on the right street!) to arrive at Alness – the town and the sign. Your visit here will be brief; simply check the Notice Board here to uncover a few guide markers, two of which end up being close by.

Spot of Power

Leave Alness by backtracking not too far off toward the south-west. Jump over a wall to arrive at another street when you should, then, at that point, follow this street east, then, at that point, south-east to work your strategy for getting around the southern finish of the guide marker south-east of Alness. Jump one more wall toward the east and follow the street when it goes north to circle around toward the east of the guide marker. Hold your eye toward the west as you head uphill toward the north to recognize a stone edge you can get on. Do as such, then travel south-west to find a hole you can jump across to arrive at a Place of Power ignoring the land beneath. Guarantee your capacity point and return east to the street.

Desperado Camp (Level 7)

Proceed with north along the street until the street turn west, so, all in all you’ll find a Bandit Camp off the northern stopping point. Kill the Bandits (level seven) and plunder the chest close to their open air fire.

Void Coop

From the Bandit Camp occasion follow the street west until it cuts up another street running north/south, so, all in all follow the new street north. This street will in no time turn west and lead you past the “Moving Windmill” sign, close to the namesake of which you’ll track down a couple of compartments to plunder. Go on in the distance toward the west until you track down a house toward the south, where an old woman named Yanina is in the middle of griping about her chickens. Visit with her and she’ll let you know her unremarkable issues – issues that appear to need the support of a Witcher. She generally likes to assume things being what they are, at any rate, and will get the ball rolling, so who is Geralt to refute her?

Actuate your Witcher Senses and examine an odd prints close to the stone wall toward the south-east. Jump the wall and follow the tracks down a lake toward the south-east, where you should reconsider the tracks once more. Odd how they’ve changed so immediately… Cross toward the southern bank and get the tracks once more and follow them a brief distance toward the south to view as a camp. Stand up to the hen-taking beasts, hear their history and reasons, then return to Yanina and either caution her of the cheats or supporter for their benefit. One way or another, this little journey will wrap up.

From Yanina’s home proceed with west out and about until you track down an extension. Cross it and proceed with north-west to see as the “Honeyfill Meadworks” sign. Go into the impressive house on this bequest and track down the proprietors – the Meiersdorf family, drove by their patriarch Holofernus. Converse with him and he will finally enlighten you regarding some “apiarian apparition” that is compromising the privately-run company. Wrangle for more coin on the off chance that you wish, he’ll give a few insights regarding this ghost before at last sending his children to show you the site where the ghost killed one of their farmhands.

Follow the pipsqueaks to a counterfeit hive south-east of the domain and turn on your Witcher Senses. Explore the hive, some old blood on the ground, then, at that point, a few tracks nearby the hive, after which you’ll have the option to follow a path south-west to a lake. Geralt has only disdain for this waterway and the Drowners that definitely prowl around it. Follow the shore south and kill any Drowned Dead (level eighteen) and Drowners (level four) you run over and utilize your Witcher Senses to migrate the tracks left by this “ghost” along the south-eastern finish of the lake.

Dog the tracks toward the east to track down an incomplete house… or all the more explicitly, an opening driving under the house, which is excessively little for Geralt. Where’re those damn halflings when you really want them?! Plunder different compartments around the house for liquor and different treats (yahoo, elixir bases!) then, at that point, search a slope driving down to the basement to track down your direction hindered by a wooden entryway. Subsequent to beating on it a little, one of the halflings will appear and outfit Geralt with a key..

Make the way for experience the “apparition” which, while powerful, is determinedly mortal. The monster will run off and lead you on a joyful pursue through the open country. Either follow by walking or with Roach, and when the critter’s life bar shows up on the highest point of your screen, you’ll know it’s prepared for a battle. Or on the other hand… assuming you’re adequately speedy to hit it, it’ll pause and battle the second it takes harm – getting it before it can escape the basement will save you some difficulty. This monster ought to demonstrate no difficulty what-so-ever; it battles like some other Hound of the Wild Hunt. Igni will bring it no limit to hardship and abbreviate the battle significantly, yet you can likewise utilize Elementa Oil. In any case, simply keep an eye out for its assault signs and counter with quick goes after when it leaves itself open. At the point when it kicks the bucket, plunder it for a “Dog of the Wild Hunt Trophy” , then flaunt your grim fortune to Holofernus Maiersdorf to guarantee your prize.


Your next objective is somewhat of a stroll toward the north; simply follow the street from the “Honeyfill Meadworks” sign north, then north-west until it divides another street running south-west/north-east. As of now follow the street north-east beyond a side of the road settlement, which you can now plunder, since you’re not troubled with finding Dandelion and all… expecting you didn’t return and steal from the spot independently prior. Past this camp the street will fork, whereupon you ought to follow the northern street, which will ultimately turn north-west, then west, at last driving into the town of Yantra. Try not to stress over the eastern street you disregarded, as more elevated level beast agreements will give you a reason to investigate there later.

Minimal Red

Advance toward the western finish of Yantra to discover a few laborers quarreling over a portion of their paltry worker issues. Converse with them to figure out that their concerns could really bear some significance with a Witcher with a heart, as certain desperados – drove by one “Minimal Red” – is plotting to go after the town and look for retribution on a resident named Bertram. Question them about the elaborate gatherings, consent to assist, then hold on until nightfall (6:00 PM ought to get it done) for the agitators to show up.

They’ll appear at the eastern finish of town, drove by Little Red, obvious for her… indeed, being the main lady among the scoundrels. She’ll burn through brief period in conversing with you and letting you know their side of the story, promising to keep the gore restricted to just to Bertram, paying you for your difficulty a while later.

On the off chance that, then again, you choose to make the best decision and safeguard the locals, Little Red will uncover herself to be a monster generally deserving of a Witcher’s sharp edge. You’ve battled monsters like Little Red previously, however her Bandits (level fifteen) confound things a piece. Simply make certain to kill her men first, then center around Little Red (level fifteen) when you just have her to stress over. When she’s dead you’ll be compensated by Bertram – the weapons Little Red’s men drop should compensate for any shortfall in pay – and you can get the note “A Mother’s Letter” from Little Red’s body. Scarcely any things are highly contrasting, it appears.

Protected Treasure (Level 15)

Pass on Yantra and travel south-west to track down a lake. Travel south along the eastern finish of this lake to track down a Guarded Treasure occasion, where a Grave Hag (level fifteen) monitors a money box on a minuscule island. Kill the Grave Hag and plunder then chest, then, at that point, return to Yantra.

Subsequent to tolerating the accommodation of certain outsiders, Geralt awakens without his gear (left). Find the cheats and Geralt will reverse the situation on them (right).

Subsequent to tolerating the accommodation of certain outsiders, Geralt awakens without his gear (left). Find the cheats and Geralt will reverse the situation on them (right).

Novigrad Hospitality (Level 8)

Leave Yantra through the way toward the north-west and in practically no time you’ll track down two gentlemen – Gascoigne and Victor – setting up camp at the edge of the street. Surrender to their solicitations and talk with them to observe that they’re generally neighborly. Drink with them to abundance and in the first part of the day you’ll awaken deprived of… well… numerous individual products. This won’t stand! Enact your Witcher Senses and follow an undeniable path back to Yantra, where you’ll find the hoodlums in the rear entryway north of the house the Notice Board is before. Stand up to them and they’ll shrewdly offer back the taken merchandise as opposed to confront the rage of a Witcher. To be pernicious, you can compel them to give up their own garments, leaving them as down and out as they attempted to leave you, or you can simply call it even.

Presently, we should attempt this once more; follow the street north-west structure Yantra and follow it as it twists west and north until you view as the “Sarrasin Grange” sign. There’s not a lot to see or do here, however getting the sign will make it simpler to return here when you’re a more significant level and more fit for managing a portion of the risks prowling around here. For the present, in any case, now is the right time to get back to Novigrad and begin searching for a boat that will get you to Skellige.

Objective: Skellige (Level 16)

Track this mission and you’ll recognize three inquiry regions; three boat commanders you want to converse with along the western finish of Novigrad, between the Golden Sturgeon and Crippled Kate’s. The norther-most boat is a decent captained by a lady motivation to at no point ever to make a trip to Skellige in the future. Board the western-most boat and converse with the crew members, who are occupied working to discover that the skipper is late once more. However, seems to be this one’s a failure, as well – make certain to steal from it for burning through your time. Time to investigate the southern-most boat, close Crippled Kate’s. Here you’ll find where you’ll track down Captain Liglad on the deck of his boat. He’ll allude you to somebody named Wolverstone, the chief of the boat “Atropos”, who is at the Golden Sturgeon.

Make a beeline for the Golden Sturgeon to find Captain Wolverstone on the principal floor, drinking endlessly. Converse with him to figure out that he’s sloshed… and getting entry on his boat will cost you a robust amount of 1000 Crowns. As of now in the game, however… indeed, it’s not sucker change, yet you ought to have enough in excess. Pay him and let him know you’re all set and you’ll head out.

Geralt will wake to the difficult situation outside – a legitimate Skellige welcome. Head outside and fend off certain Pirates (levels fourteen, fifteen and sixteen). After a cutscene Geralt will show up in Skellige, albeit not in the most effortless of habits. Geralt will battle off a Skelliger attempting to gather his reap, after which you’ll have the option to address him. Doing so will uncover that a witch has turned into the visitor of some “Crach” character, in Kaer Trolde. Might that be Yennefer? Notwithstanding this piece if data, the handsy Skelliger will give you bearings to Kaer Trolde prior to withdrawing.

Plunder the ocean side toward the south and, on a body behind the biggest leftover part of the boat (the one with the pole) you’ll track down a carcass with 1050 Crowns on him, among other plunder. Seems as though you get to keep the cash you paid to arrive all things considered. There’s additionally a lot of compartments to steal from around here. The dead certain don’t require it any longer, and it’s in an ideal situation in your grasp than in some Skelliger’s.

Beast Nest (Level 19)/Place of Power

New region, new signs to find, locals to investigate, Merchants and Innkeepers to play Gwent with (yes!), and guide markers to clear. Should clear your direction north to Kaer Trolde and get laid out in Skellige. Initial travel west into the shallows, where you’ll track down a Place of Power, and more than an it, a wreck bearing a Monster Nest. Kill the Sirens (level thirteen) zooming around by shooting them down with your crossbow (auto-point typically makes a fine showing of this) then, at that point, hit them with quick assaults. Whenever they’re gone explode their home with a bomb, kill the Ekhidna (level nineteen) that produces, then plunder the home and the other different holders close by. After so much, guarantee the close by Place of Power. Things are beginning great in Skellige! You know, beside that entire thing.


Ekhidna and Sirines can drop Sea Endlessly shells, individually, which show up quite useless from the start. You can, notwithstanding, have experts destroy them, liberating the Black Endlessly pearls inside. The two of which sell very well, making it possibly extremely rewarding to kill such monsters. Tragically numerous Sirines and Ekhidna you kill will be in water, making their plunder unrecoverable, yet you ought to in any case acquire a lot of Pearls and Black Pearls while investigating Skellige.

Beast Nest (Level 18)

Keep stealing from the shore toward the west to discover a few skeletons and a chest close to the husk of a more modest, destroyed transport. Backtrack east, then follow the coast that way, picking your direction over the submerged boat and swimming your direction east along the sheer bluffs until you find a Mucknixer Nest. Kill off about six of so Mucknixers (level fifteen) then explode the home. A more grounded Drowned Dead (level eighteen) will emerge to go against you. Put it down and plunder the home, as well as certain carcasses close by.

Watched Treasure (Level 16)

Make a beeline for the north until you track down a street. Travel north-west a brief distance to where three street meet to view as the “Junction” sign. Indeed, another. Each region has a “Junction” sign, it appears. You can quick go back to Novigrad/Velen from any sign on Skellige, which is sufficiently advantageous. Until further notice, however, follow a street toward the south, then, at that point, east, and up a slope to track down a Wyvern (level sixteen) prowling about its home. Kill it and plunder the carcasses close by to knock off a fairly unrewarding “Protected Treasure” occasion.

Harmony Disturbed (Level 25)

Get back to the “Intersection” and follow the street north and north-west until you track down a fork toward the north-east. Take the fork toward the north-east, as it prompts a few sepulchers where we can begin the mission “Harmony Disturbed” by conversing with two Skelliger ladies. It’s a level 25 journey, however on the off chance that you’ve been following the aide, you ought to have the option to do this effectively enough, even on Death March trouble.

Apply some Specter Oil to your silver sword and head into the sepulcher, where you’ll have the option to look through the main chamber in relative harmony. Put your plunder goggles on, on the grounds that there’s a touch of it to be tracked down in these graves. First of all, score a worthwhile chest close to a stone coffin north-east of the entry, then, at that point, head down a passage toward the north-west.

Go down two stairwells and plunder two chests, alongside a few different holders, then, at that point, head into a huge space toward the south-west, where you’ll track down a few Wraiths (level 24). Oust the spirits, plunder around, then head down a steps toward the north-west to arrive at an overwhelmed grave involved by anything Wraiths didn’t go after you higher up, as well as a Nightwraith (level 25). Dispatch the lesser Wraiths first, then, at that point, center around the Nightwraith, who battles equivalent to each other Nightwraith you’ve experienced. When the ghosties are dead, scan the space for chests and different holders then plunder a body with the sword “Daystar” on it.

Search a wall toward the south-east to track down a feeble, Aardable segment. Impact the wall then, at that point, search past the rubble to discover some… Han Fiber? Ok well, they’re not all victors… Seriously, however, scale the edge toward the south-east and score a chest, then, at that point, turn north-east, head up a slope, downsize one more sets of edges and proceed with a section toward the south-east, bouncing holes and scaling edges as you go. In the end you’ll arrive at an impasse chamber with an opening in the ground toward the south-east. Scale a stone toward the east to find a chest taking cover behind it, then, at that point, drop into the opening.

Arrive at the chamber beneath and search toward the north-west to track down a chest in a nook. Once finished, head up a steps toward the north-west, go on through a chamber in a similar course, then, at that point, turn south-west and scale an edge and Aard a few rocks to arrive at light. You can now travel south and converse with the old women at your recreation, simply advance toward the west to arrive at certain streets and follow them south. En route, east of the street, you’ll detect a shipper. He’ll sell you a lot of guides which uncover signs when you read them, but at tremendous expense. Set aside a few cash and simply walk (or ride, or sail) all over the place. Manage him as you wish, however return to the women for your small prize.

Protected Treasure (Level 7)

Proceed with the way toward the north-west until you come to one more fork toward the north-east – this one ought to be overlooked. Rather stray off into the wild toward the west and head uphill until, close to the coast, you discover a few headstones over-looking the ocean. A threesome of Wraiths (level seven) will show up and challenge you. Exile them, then plunder a chest and a carcass to complete this “Watched Treasure” occasion.

Botanist – Random Card

Return east to the street and keep following it toward the north-west to track down Kaer Trolde somewhere far off. The street will part in the future; assuming you proceed with north-west you’ll disregard the majority of the town and in the end come to the “”Bridge to Kaer Trolde” sign. Rather go downhill toward the west until the way parts once more. From here go north-east to reach “Kaer Trolde Harbor”, the spot and the sign.

Close to the sign you’ll discover a few woodcutters dealing with a symbol. Converse with Bjorg, who will tell you of a strange Drowner issue (as though there are “typical” Drowner inconveniences!). Wrangle with them in the event that you wish, consent to take care of him, beginning the journey “Agreement: Muire D’yaeblen” . Better believe it, you’re here to see Yennefer, yet there’s no mischief in getting the odd piece of Witcher’s work as an afterthought! Converse with the close by Boatwright’s Apprentice to dive deeper into the monster, then, at that point, travel west along the shore.

Proceed with west along certain docks to find swarm, who have assembled to observe a grave scene; a burial service, a passing, and a sample of Skellige custom. After the scene Geralt will find Yennefer, who you can play with like a dolt, or get right to talking business. Let Yennefer know what you realized in Velen and Novigrad, and she’ll educate you concerning all the nothing she did while you were occupied. Crach will appear and demand you appear at Bran’s wake, and Yennefer, similar to every one of the bossy ladies Geralt knows, requests that he dress pleasantly for the event The mission “Objective: Skellige” closes, and “The King is Dead – Long Live the King” starts.

The King is Dead – Long Live the King (Level 16)

All things considered, you should keep investigating Kaer Trolde, since you’re here what not. Head back east along the docks, where you’ll find a Skelliger with an interjection point over his head. Converse with him and he’ll let you know a story of misfortune prior to requesting that you help him out with some coin. Either pay him 150 Crowns or not. On the off chance that you do, he’ll vow to reimburse you the following time he sees you back in Novigrad. You can likewise track down a Merchant around here, however all he sells are more (or rather, the equivalent) maps.

Get back to the sign and go on east. Town stuff to do! First thing you’ll run over is a notification board on which you’ll track down the accompanying takes note “Agreement: Woodland Spirit”, “Agreement: Stolen Sword”, “Agreement: Muire D’yaeblen”, “Gwent Lessons” and “Clench hand Fights”. You’ve proactively begun the journey “Agreement: Muire D’yaeblen” , however getting the others begins the missions “In the Heart of the Woods” , “The Family Blade” , “Gwent: Skellige Style” and “Clench hands of Fury: Skellige” .

Now that you’ve topped off on missions, proceed with east a piece along the street and when the street forks turn north. At the fork you’ll find a sanctuary with a dead pony out front, being a gone to by four “Shepherds”. All the more strangely, in any case, is the close by Herbalist, who plays Gwent and may simply sell a couple of formulae. From here proceed with north along the street, cross a scaffold and enter the walled town legitimate. It ought to be obvious, however… make certain to steal from holders inside and around different structures as you go, and as the watchmen carefulness permits.

the hotel Yennefer is remaining at is toward the west, so plunder around, then, at that point, head inside and converse with the Jonas the Innkeep. Besides the fact that he plays Gwent, he likewise will sell you an assortment of Gwent cards, including the “Earth Elemental” Card, the “Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt” card, and the “Botchling” Card. That’s right, Skellige is where the Monster deck truly begins to fill in. Whenever you’re finished building up your deck, head through an entryway in the south-western corner of the hotel to track down Yennefer’s room.

Plunder the room and glance around with your Witcher Senses to track down the books “The Poisoned Source” and “Yennefer’s Journal” . You can likewise explore her Megascope, some garments, her unique fragrance, the notorious stuffed unicorn, and obviously, the chest with the garments she maintains that you should wear. Put on the garments for a clean encounter reward and Geralt will consider his relationship with Yennefer; a trial of confidence he appears to go through each time he needs to look satisfactory.

In the event that you’re as yet unkempt, you can track down a designer/stylist east of the hotel. There’s no prize for dressing yourself up this much, be that as it may. Now that you’re undeniably dressed up for Yennefer, now is the right time to get muddled! Go on north and cross another extension. While there are a lot of houses to steal from up here, what you truly believe that should do is plunge into the water and swim south-west to track down two lowered chests – two lowered chests that can be VERY liberal.

There are two methods for getting to your objective from here; you can either go on north, up certain steps and pull a switch along the wall to gather a lift, which you can ride up to the palace, or on the other hand… on the off chance that you’re too savvy to even think about jumping aboard unsteady Skellige “innovation” and ride it up 100 feet or somewhere in the vicinity, you can get back to the “Kaer Trolde” sign. From here, follow the street south-west, then, at that point, east after it forks. At the point when it forks again travel north-east, across a gated, transcended, and roofed scaffold, uphill, and eventually into a passage. Go on through the passage to arrive at a scaffold prompting the keep, set apart by the “Extension to Kaer Trolde” sign. In the event that you took the lift, you simply need to go up a few stairwells to arrive at said span.

Going to the Wake

Move toward the keep and you’ll see Yennefer visiting with Bran’s widow, Birna. Notwithstanding the way that she was quite anxious to connect with Yennefer in political discussion, she currently concludes that, on this miserable day, she can’t be tried to enjoy significant discussions. Geralt and Yennefer will trade praises, then you’ll need to follow her through the keep and to the wake.

You’ll be situated by a functionary, where Cerys a Craite and her companions will examine governmental issues, and at last wind up provoking you to a race. A foot race, for reasons unknown. Acknowledge and race her to the top, the objective being to guarantee a hatchet at the highest point of the mountain. Guarantee triumph (or not) and you’ll wind up back at the party where beverages will be advertised. Be a decent Witcher and turn down the liquor.

Follow Yennefer to the following bundle of participants, including Birna, Holger Blackhand, and Svanrige a Tuirseach, where you’ll examine Skellige conventional memorial service customs, and Holger will communicate his abhorrence for Birna. Keep following Yennefer until she acquaints you with Jarl Donar a Hindar and Jarl Madman Lugos, who don’t appear to like one another. After Lugos is discourteous to Yennefer you can say “Gone excessively far, Lugos” to provoke him, or “How about we quiet down” to keep away from one. It’s more worthwhile to battle, despite the fact that Lugos presumably is significantly more grounded than you (level thirty), however a performance fistfight is quite simple on the off chance that you can repel. Beat Lugos and he’ll turn out to be a lot more amicable, inform you concerning some witcher’s work he has for you, and welcome you over to his territories.

Ermions Lab

Keep following Yennefer and she’ll uncover her genuine justification behind going to the wake. Hold following her to Ermion’s lab, plundering and visiting as you go. After a near fiasco, progress forward to his lab, which, obviously will not be as simple to enter as essentially utilizing the front entryway. Backtrack a little and head through a window, drop down an edge toward the east, and climb one more toward the north, then, at that point, go through one more window to arrive at the Ermion’s chambers. Head down a steps toward the north and pass through an entryway to track down Ermion’s assortment. Utilize your Witcher Senses to inspect the subjects of his side interest, then, at that point, examine a bowl along the northern finish of the space to incite a depiction from Yennefer. At the point when you’re prepared to continue on, look at a way toward the west, which has potentially negative side-effects.

Fend off the monsters that assault (you can definitely relax, they don’t perform up to their level) after which Yennefer will converse with you and point out a… senseless disclosure. In the wake of passing the Trial of Taxidermy, follow Yennefer through the entryway Geralt analyzed before (in spite of the fact that with less senseless results this time around) and proceed with west to arrive at his lab.

Turn on your Witcher Senses and you’ll track down the letter “Ermion’s Correspondence” , the books “Stories of the Wild Hunt” , “The White Frost” and “The Corpse of Novigrad” . You can likewise research some speculative chemistry gear, a sword in-the-stone, a guide, a sculpture, a cut goat, and his tobacco pipe. All the more critically, on a table toward the east you’ll view as a “Cone” , on a more modest table close to a shelf rests a “Skull” , and on a bedside table toward the south-west is some “Mead” . With these close by, look at the sculpture once more and spot the Mead in its grasp to open a mysterious way toward the west.

Head through the entryway and down a steps to track down the object of your – or possibly, Yennefer’s – wants. While she’s ogling, an Earth Elemental will vitalize and assault. This battle is like the Golem we battled close by Keira Metz prior, and like Keira, Yennefer will assist. Plunder the essential when it falls, after which the Druid will spring a terrible shock. Settle on a planned choice; in the event that you are negative, you’ll show up back at the wake. Assuming that you’re distorted, you’ll show up at the bar where Yennefer is remaining. When there, you can keep on playing with Yennefer to invest some quality energy with her. Unfortunate unicorn.

One way or the other, when you’re once again at the wake, inquirers to the lofty position will affirm their appointment, after which Yennefer and Geralt will get their crowd with Crach. He’s thoughtful to your objective, and will give you free rule to look for Ciri as you wish, promising to keep Ermion and his druids under control. He’ll likewise request that you assist with keeping his kids – Hjalmar and Cerys – safe if their journeys to substantiate themselves worth of being the following lord… or sovereign. This starts the missions “The Lord of Undvik” , “Ownership” and “Reverberations of the Past” and finishes “The King is Dead – Long Live the King” . Appears you have a challenging situation to deal with.

Smithy – Random Card

Yennefer looks for you far toward the south-east… however since you’re in Kaer Trolde, you should assist manage a few nearby issues and… goodness, come on. You know how this functions at this point; now is the right time to investigate Skellige, and when a decent piece of Ard Skellig has been investigated and you’re all set, it’ll be an ideal opportunity to get together with Yennefer.

First we should converse with Crach once more (he’ll as a rule be in his room after the party, despite the fact that you could need to sit tight for him to make it there). From the bulwark on which you talked travel north and go up a few wooden steps along the western mass of the keep, then, at that point, through an entryway to get back to the fundamental lobby. Pass through an entryway in the south-western corner and proceed with south until you track down a space toward the east, wherein you’ll track down Crach. Converse with him about Hammond to refresh the mission “Following the Thread”, despite the fact that it’ll be some time before you really find time to bother with this journey.

Leave the palace, however on out (in the chamber not long before the extension) go north to track down an Armorer and a Blacksmith. The two of them Journeyman-level specialists, the two of them plays Gwent, and the two of them sell a huge (and costly) assortment of outlines for you to purchase.

Moreover, the Armorer likewise sells two assortments of guides what start Treasure Hunt journeys for Witcher set charts. Get “Ibrahim Savi’s First Map” , “Ibrahim Savi’s Second Map” and “Ibrahim Savi’s Fourth Map” , to begin the missions “Scrounger Hunt: Bear School Gear” , and “Forager Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams – Part 1” (first guide), “Scrounger Hunt: Bear School Gear update Plans – Part 2” (second guide) and “Scrounger Hunt: Bear School Gear redesign Plans – Part 4” (fourth guide). What’s more, purchase the “Clammy, Moldy Notes by Hieronymus on the Witcher Elgar” and the “Notes on Parchment by Hieronymus on Elgar the Witcher” to begin the missions “Scrounger Hunt: Wolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams – Part 3” and “Forager Hunt: Wolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams – Part 6” , individually. That is a great deal of new Witcher gear, and keeping in mind that some of it will be excessively high of a level to mess with right now in the game, you will end up finding a decent piece of overhaul charts… you know, assuming that you do all the investigation and by and large follow this guide consecutively.

Contract: Muire DYaeblen (Level 18)

Prior to abandoning Kaer Trolde, how about we polish off that agreement you began before. Initial step, head down to the docks and converse with the other individual of interest, a “Skellige Woman” who is the widow of one of the people in question.

Let her let you know her story then, at that point, return to the “Kaer Trolde Harbor” sign and follow the street uphill toward the south-west, and at a fork go on west. Continue onward until you come to a watchpost based upon a slope, where you can score a chest. To get to the coast from here head back downhill toward the east by running along the edge of a precipice south of the street. Be cautious, be that as it may, as the edge of the precipice is darkened by foliage. In the end you’ll find that the sheer edge of the precipice closures and you can head down a precarious – however protected – slope toward the south-west.

Advance downhill until you track down an inquiry region, so, all in all kill some Drowned Dead (level eighteen) by the shore. Once the necrophages are gone, search a body along the water line to find a fragrance path, then, at that point, enact your Witcher Senses and follow the shallows along the bluff face toward the south, scoring a worthwhile chest as you go. At the point when the shallows end and the path leads into the water, hop into the water and swim south around a rough out-trimming, then, at that point, jump and swim into a cavern toward the east. You’ll have the option to recognize a few tracks along the floor and mass of the cavern as you swim – follow the direct passage as it exciting bends in the road, then, at that point, surface in the Drowner’s refuge.

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From where you surface follow a few tracks east, shoot a few harmful gas with Igni, then, at that point, go north to find a watery chamber lodging a few Drowners (level eighteen). These Necrophages like to skip in the gas mists along the northern finish of the room. Show them a thing or two by shooting it with Igni. Whenever they’re dispatched head into a passage east of the chamber you recently cleared and research a cadaver on the ground to verify that, while the path might have driven you to a Drowner sanctuary, the beast you’re hunting is no Drowner. Investigate the space toward the east to cushion your affirmation, then, at that point, concentrate on some boat flotsam and jetsam along the eastern finish of the space to distinguish your quarry.

Make the Drowner Pheromones mixture, which will require one portion of Dwarven Spirit, one Drowner Brain Sample, a few Sewant Mushrooms and exactly a unit of Puffball – the recipe the game gives you free of charge. These, save the liquor, can be tracked down in this cavern. Whenever it’s stirred up utilize the Drowner Pheromones, then, at that point, head into a passage toward the south-east, where Geralt will anticipate the arrival of his prey.

When this happens, return to the chamber toward the north-west to find your adversary, who is joined by two Drowners (level eighteen). Nothing uncommon here, simply a Water Hag, so you know what’s in store. She’ll toss waste, swipe at you with her mauled hands, plunge into the water to reemerge and rehash. Given your adversaries, it’s implied that Necrophage Oil makes all the difference here. When she’s dead, plunder her for the steel sword “Daystar” , a “Water Hag Mutagen” , and a “Water Hag Trophy” , as well as different treats. At the point when the beasties have been plundered, search this chamber to track down a chest. Two more can be tracked down in the passages toward the south-east, at each finish of the Y-formed fork.

Backtrack west, then south to arrive at the three-way fork. Assuming that you travel west you’ll return down the passage you entered the nest through. Assuming you remain down the neglected way toward the east you’ll find one more exit out of here. From this exit, assuming that you swim north you’ll arrive at a confined coastline where you can track down two additional chests. Get back to Kaer Trolde Harbor and converse with Bjorg to gather your award. Assuming you wrangle for more in view of the idea of the adversary you confronted, you’ll get it, yet it’ll make Bjorg despondent.

Deserving of Trust

Leave Kaer Trolde Harbor and take the street running north-south from the “Kaer Trolde Harbor” sign and the “Junction” sign. Follow the street south until, halfway between Kaer Trolde and the “Junction” sign, you’ll track down a Merchant east of the street. Assuming you recall that, he sells only pointless guides. Presently, in any case, there’s a Skelliger sitting close by with a journey for you.

Converse with him and Geralt will remember him as the unfortunate Merchant he gave a credit to before. Geralt will call him out on his robbery, after which you have three choices, let him go, transform him into the Jarl, or assault him. The last two choices end with you killing him, beginning – and finishing – the journey “Deserving of Trust” . You’ll get 20 Crowns for the work, and you can steal from his body for the 150 Crowns you gave him before. Assuming you let him go, you’ll simply get 20 Crowns, and the conman will stray… It may be enticing to kill him, however it’s more rewarding over the long haul to let him go.


Proceed with south along the street to come to the “Junction” sign. From here, travel south-east and cross an extension, following the street until it forks. At this fork go on south, then, at that point, south-west at one more fork to arrive at the town of Ranvier. Look at the notification board beyond town and get the notification “Nithing” to begin the journey “The Nithing”, and the notification “Agreement: Missing Son” to begin a mission of a similar name. You can likewise find an Alchemist named Jonna, who will sell you catalytic supplies, and maybe the odd recipe or two.

Travel south to find Odhen, who will enlighten you concerning his child, attracted by stories of fortune and magnificence. You’ll perceive the kid by his yellow tunic. Taking into account the level of this journey – “Missing Son” – how about we overlook it for the present. For a journey you can manage all the more effectively go on east, south-east along a street from the “Ranvier” sign, then, at that point, travel south when it forks. While traveling south, overlook the main street east, yet require the second to find the home of Lothar, whose family is experiencing the impacts of a mischievous revile. Geralt will give Lothar two methods for managing the mission… on the whole, you must dive more deeply into it… specifically the personality of the revile caster.

The Nithing

Look at the Nithing toward the north, which will uncover a path close to the emblem. The hexxer was sufficiently shrewd to set a revile, yet not savvy to the point of covering their tracks. Follow the tracks north-west to find a lady’s wrap, which leaves a fragrance trail. Follow the aroma trail back to the town, where the fragrance is lost among the fragrant musk of unwashed Skelligers. Converse with a “Skellige Woman” along the south-western edge of the pursuit region and get some information about the cloak, and she’ll guide you toward Jonna.

Go up against Jonna and she’ll be fairly unrepentant, recounting her side of the story prior to giving a few rather ludicrous terms for lifting the revile. Get back to Lothar and let him know the news, which, typically, he declines. Either consent to determine things by walking out on Jonna (pick the exchange choice “So be it”) or say “Can’t do that” to drive Lothar to suck it up and return to Jonna. In the event that you pick the last choice, the journey closures, and you’ll get insight, yet no Crowns. Then again, assuming you pick the previous choice you’ll need to write Jonna’s name on the Nithing, which inverts the revile (to Jonna’s inconvenience), then, at that point, converse with Lothar again to finish the journey.


Toward the south-west of Ranvier you can track down the town of Fairyland, where you can examine the products of – and play Gwent with – a Merchant and a Blacksmith. Get the “Fairland” sign and travel south of the Blacksmith and across a scaffold to discover a few locals accumulated around a horrible scene. After some underlying aggression Geralt will start to carry out his specialty and will presently wind up entangled in something beyond a beast chase… it’s a fight among customs, and practicality.

In the Heart of the Woods (Level 22)

Travel south-west to track down an inquiry region and initiate your Witcher Senses. Concentrate on certain tracks on the ground, then, at that point, explore a canine’s carcass. Follow a few tracks west from the canine’s carcass, and then trail them along – and through – a stream. Search another body cross paths with certain roots, then keep following the tracks until they lead to a progression of stone monuments, where you’ll need to put down a few White Wolves (level fifteen). Examine some hook blemishes on one of the stone monuments along the western edge of the hunt region and Geralt will distinguish his objective.

Peruse your bestiary, then, at that point, return to town, where you’ll need to converse with Sven as well as Herald. Both have various thoughts of how to continue. Herald needs to protect the old customs that kept areas of strength for them so extended period of time moderating the beast’s harm. Sven will likely kill the monster, which isn’t so exceptionally basic as finding the monster and wounding it a couple of times; you’ll need to find the resident it stamped, first.

You’re not dedicated to one or the other strategy yet, in any case. Enact your Witcher Senses and search close to the western edge of the inquiry region to find that the Leshen denoted a resident named Hilde. Get back to Sven and let him know the news and… indeed, it’ll seem like the Leshen is to a greater degree a necessary evil. You can attempt to save Hilde by upholding expulsion, assuming you wish. At any rate, presently it is the right time to pick a side. To help Sven and his young-bloods, follow the text under “Favoring Sven” if you need to help Herald, follow the text under “Aiding Herald” .

Helping Herald

Travel south from Herald to track down a special stepped area on a ridge. As you approach a bunch of White Wolves (levels fifteen and 23) will assault. Kill them, and plunder them for their souls. When you have five put them on a special stepped area toward the north, where a group of birds will spread the word. Get back to town and converse with Herald, who will pay you. After this Sven will appear and make a strategic maneuver. Either let him play out his trivial upset, or protect Herald.

Agreeing with Sven

Travel south-west into the forest, where you’ll need to find – and annihilate – three raised areas. They’re effectively spotted by the group of birds flying over them… and, you know, the mission markers. They’ll safeguard themselves by shooting roots at you, yet they’re a basic Aard away from obscurity. The first is unguarded, yet the following two both have White Wolves (level fifteen) close by.

Obliterate the special stepped areas and proceed with south-east to find the Leshen’s favorite spots, where the Leshen will emerge out of a multitude of birds. You know the drill; it’ll gather Wolves (level twenty), transport around by transforming into a herd of crows, get root spikes at you, and swipe at you in scuffle. Use Igni to set it ablaze and extraordinarily increment the rate at which it’ll pass on and use Quen to safeguard yourself if important. In this battle your silver sword and Relict Oil will build the harm your sword strikes do to both the Leshen and its flunkies. When it falls, plunder it for a “Leshen Trophy” .

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