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Studio management made easy with purpose built software

You may think that there’s little overlap between the technology and health and fitness industries. However, as it becomes easier and easier to roll out software and applications there is increased scope for it to have an impact across all kinds of businesses. You don’t need to have a degree in computer science to make use of software and it can make it much easier to manage many different aspects of your studio. You do need to be careful to choose the right software though as otherwise you could find yourself paying a lot but getting little value. After taking a look at a few options, we’ve compiled a list of essential features for any studio management software worth its salt. 

Manage and communicate with employees

The first thing that any studio management software should do is make it easier to deal with your staff and personal trainers. From managing and sharing their calendars to sending out personal or company-wide messages, it reduces admin when you only have to concern yourself with a single platform. It may take some time for them to get used to it, but employees will soon find that it’s far more convenient to only have to look to one place to manage their time and notifications. 

Manage and schedule classes

Again, this is an essential for any studio software. You should be able to set out class and personal schedules as far in advance as you can. It should also be easy to change and move things around if you need to. This can link to features like member login areas – which we will discuss later – so that you can also track attendance information to compile reports and fill your classes. 

Make, manage and sync appointments

It’s useful to be able to make appointments with staff or clients using a singular platform. Where this gets taken to the next level is if you are able to sync appointments to a chosen calendar (like Google) so that you only have to concern yourself with following reminders from one platform. This is a great little time saver that has more impact than you think. 

Manage email communication

Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with clients and members. It’s a dedicated space that isn’t as prone to distraction like social media. While not all studio management software offers this, some are able to link to email management platforms – such as Mailchimp – so that you can create and send mailers directly from the platform. Whether these are for staff or clients, it’s a great way to keep everyone up to date about your schedules or studio news. 

Access detailed reports about your studio

After using studio management software for a bit of time you will find one of the most useful features is the ability to export and access detailed reports across your entire business. Gaining insight into your finances, marketing and staff all in one place. It’s this kind of access that helps you make the right decisions to grow your business. 

Studio member profiles and login

We’re moving on to how studio management software can also be a value-add for your members. Letting them create a personal profile where they can log in to see their progress or sign up for classes is something that can set your studio apart from the competition. It also lets them engage with you at their own pace and convenience. Click here for a great example of fully integrated gym management software. 

Member activity dashboards

This is connected with a profile and login, but it’s a great way to engage and motivate members. Being able to see the stats behind their activities will help them keep track and meet their goals. 

Better planning through member insight

Your studio management software will be storing and keeping track of member data, with their permission, which means you can start to understand how they respond to new opr different classes. It will help you build the optimal class schedule for your clients. 

Easy online payment

Finally, a last important feature for both studio owners and clients is the ability to process and make payments. This lets clients renew memberships or pay for single classes easily as well as letting you gain an overview of business finances in one place.

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