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Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Berkeley

Arguedas, Cassman, Headley and Goldman LLP.

Established in 1982, Arguedas, Cassman, Headley and Goldman LLP is a lawful practice that safeguards the sacred privileges of people having to deal with crime and wrongdoing penalties. The criminal guard lawyers in Berkeley handle a great many cases, including high-profile murder and homicide. It likewise has insight with attack, battery, abusive behavior at home, sex offenses, opiates ownership, driving impaired, and middle class wrongdoings, like misrepresentation, antitrust infringement, and insider exchanging. Administrations are accessible in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Elizabeth Grossman and Peter Orth

Elizabeth Grossman and Peter Orth is a criminal guard practice with north of 38 years’ experience addressing grown-ups and adolescents in criminal courts. The criminal attorney in Berkeley has experience dealing with drug offenses, vicious violations, DUI, vehicle-related offenses, rape, robbery, and misrepresentation. Its group likewise assists clients with bail decreases and property bonds, DMV hearings, early end, alterations of probation, record clearing, and expungement. The firm additionally offers types of assistance for college and secondary school disciplinary issues.

Kasowitz Benson Torres

Kasowitz Benson Torres is a criminal protection firm close to Berkeley that spotlights on business case. Its enormous legitimate group has experience dealing with a great many government and interior middle class criminal examinations. The lawful gathering takes cases including insider exchanging, misappropriation of proprietary innovations, protections misrepresentation, adulterating records, pay off, connivance, misapplication of public assets, and criminal enemy of contamination sculpture infringement. Other practice regions incorporate liquidation portrayal and rebuilding and high-struggle family regulation matters.

Keker, Van Nest and Peters LLP

Keker, Van Nest and Peters LLP is an overall lawful firm in the Berkeley region addressing people and organizations having to deal with middle class criminal examinations and penalties. Its full group of lawyers has insight with cases including enormous apparatus, trick, check of equity, and a wide range of extortion, like bank, stock, and home loan. The training likewise handles requests after a conviction. Different areas of portrayal incorporate antitrust, proficient responsibility, and customer and legal claim safeguard.

Laura Robinson Law

Laura Robinson Law is an Oakland-based criminal guard law office that addresses clients in Berkeley. Criminal guard lawyer Laura Robinson has insight in taking care of different crook cases, including DUI, burglary, murder, drug ownership, and sex violations. Aside from this, Robinson additionally handles middle class violations covering phony, pay off, wire extortion, and illegal tax avoidance. She has won various absolutions on instances of capturing, torching, assault, and ownership offenses all through her over 30 years by and by.

Regulation Offices of David B. Doorman

Regulation Offices of David B. Doorman has more than 25 years’ experience addressing clients accused of wrongdoings and crimes. The criminal legal counselor close to Berkeley handles middle class wrongdoings, including illegal tax avoidance, tax avoidance, revealing infringement, trick, relinquishment, block of equity, mail, wire, bank, and protection misrepresentation. Lawyer David B. Watchman is an individual from the Bar Association of San Francisco, Section of Taxation. Other practice regions incorporate business regulation and expense and domain arranging.

Regulation Offices of James Phillip Vaughns

Regulation Offices of James Phillip Vaughns is a full-administration law office that addresses people accused of crime, misdeed, state, and government charges. The criminal legal counselor close to Berkeley has insight with a large number of cases, including driving while inebriated, drug offenses, attack, sex wrongdoings, and robbery. Lawyer James Phillip Vaughns is a previous Alameda County District Attorney and a NFLPA ensured agreement guide that likewise handles movement regulation and media outlet administrations.

Paine Criminal Defense PC

Paine Criminal Defense PC is a legitimate firm that addresses people accused of lawful offenses and misdeeds in the Berkeley region. Its lawyer handles a large number of violations, including attack, sex offenses, robbery, and medication ownership. The law practice’s group gathers proof, works with private specialists, enlists talented specialists to survey scientific proof, and constructs major areas of strength for a. Administrations are accessible in English and Spanish. Fall Paine is an individual from the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice.

Ramsey and Ehrlich LLP

Ramsey and Ehrlich LLP is a head store firm that spotlights on giving smoothed out protection techniques to people and organizations confronting complex middle class wrongdoings the nation over. This law enforcement lawyers in Berkeley handle claims including protections and insider exchanging, proprietary advantage robbery, and infringement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Ramsey and Ehrlich LLP additionally take general criminal protection cases, for example, property offenses, opiates charges, and medication and liquor related matters.

Sayad and Biren, PC

Established in 1983, Sayad and Biren PC is a lawful practice close to Berkeley that gives guard administrations to people and organizations accused of middle class wrongdoings. Its lawyers handle different charges, including illegal tax avoidance, coercion, falsification, misappropriation, insider stock exchanging, fraud, and expense, mail, Visa, medical care, and banking extortion. The firm additionally addresses clients confronting fabulous jury examinations. Other practice regions incorporate business and separation regulation and elective debate goal administrations.

The Law Offices of Naomi Chung

The Law Offices of Naomi Chung is a legitimate practice that spotlights on addressing people and hierarchical clients. Its law enforcement lawyer close to Berkeley handles state and government charges including drugs, attack, sex offenses, intrigues, digital wrongdoings, movement infringement, tricks, extortion, and other middle class cases. She likewise addresses clients before charges are documented. The Law Offices of Naomi Chung attempts to get litigants the most great result, including getting charges diminished or excused.

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