Bruce Weber Photographer Talks About a Few Important Principles of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a beautiful art and means of expression. There are many aspects to taking a fashion photograph, checking out the works of Bruce Weber Photographer and similarly renowned professionals belonging to this field can aid people to understand that.  While not all people might think of important fashion photography principles when clicking a photograph, keeping them in mind can make an image look a lot more professional and impactful.

Seemingly insignificant, tiny details in a photograph can at times make it appear way more interesting than one would realize. While taking a photograph, a lot of photographers are compelled, consciously or unconsciously, to adhere to particular rules that are helpful in creating visual harmony in the image.  Here are a few principles of fashion photography one needs to ponder over to click better pictures:

  • Let the Outfit Flow: Even though pictures are static, one should try to showcase the texture of fabrics through it while doing a fashion shoot. An outfit that looks too stiff may not always have the right impact. Many fashion photographers, in fact, try to capture images that convey the smoothness of the model and their outfit perfectly. One of the best ways to do this is to create some kind of movement in the photo. Asking the model to spin or turn, and capturing the motion of the fabric in the air will be ideal for a fashion photo shoot.
  • Highlight the Fashion:  Fashion photography is not the same as clicking typical portrait photograph. While obviously the model wearing the outfit will be an important part of the shoot, one need to prioritize on their clothes, accessories, shoes or whatever has to be advertised. When choosing the pose for the model, any angle that blocks the outfit details should be avoided.  It will be smart to get close enough to showcase patterns in the outfit and steer clear of any props that could distract the eyes.
  • Try Different Angles: One should try to avoid shooting at eye levels while taking the photos, at that can make images a bit monotonous. It is important to explore the surroundings and determine from where one can take best pictures of the model. A camera can be oriented from below, above or they can even tilt it a bit while taking a photo. It is vital to note that changing the perspective of a photograph can majorly alter its mood. Hence, one should properly consider the image they want showcase and find a way to put focus on their work with the help of careful framing.

Photographers should avoid restricting their models and try to keep them moving instead to take more dynamic pictures. As the model interacts with the environment, it can actually help create interesting compositions. For inspiration on fashion photography, one can always check out the works of Bruce Weber Photographer and other similarly eminent industry experts.  In addition to capturing evocative photos of renowned artists, actors, and athletes, Bruce also loves taking photos of dogs.  His pet golden retrievers, in particular, has found a prominent place in both his personal and professional photos.

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