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Guidde is an AI platform that empowers teams to share knowledge 11x faster in order to meet employee and customer demands faster and increase team efficiency. Leading companies rely on this video documentation platform as part of their customer support service or employee onboarding processes; leading organizations also utilize Guidde to assist customers when answering inquiries as well as onboard employees as quickly and effectively as possible while driving self-service capabilities for increased team efficiency.

Guidde can save users over 12 hours each week. As one of ProductHunt’s #1 items of the day and a G2 Top Performer in Screen and Video Capture, this popular extension to AI performance, documentation, web scraping, and scraper optimization boasts over 6k customers – an indicator of its immense utility!

Why did we create GUIDDDE?

 As product managers, we experienced first-hand the value of using video clips as a method to convey knowledge on products we had worked on previously. Unfortunately, most individuals we collaborated with from different roles and companies did not utilize videos regularly in their everyday activities, preferring instead screen shots and text as means to convey this knowledge. Issues associated with customer support teams, sales and presales teams all shared similar characteristics. They relied too heavily on screen shots for knowledge transfer rather than moving beyond simple screen captures or text-only strategies. The issue faced from customer support teams as well was knowledge transfer between teams was hindered by not using videos regularly and instead resorted back to screen shots and text alone. This is an approach we observed from both customer support teams as well as presales teams were all the same.

Video – too complicated/reluctant to share/don’t want people seeing my video/don’t like how my voice sounds (nonnative English speaker or recording in an open area with many people around

Editing – Will require help from marketing or editing specialists for this task, with questions such as when product designs change? Do I have to record them again or no matter if there are changes to designs? When will my team find these videos when needed?

 Search – Where will I store my videos, and can they easily be located when required by my team.

So here is the solution:

Welcome to Guidde – a video creator and discovery tool specifically tailored for how-to videos, which make up one of YouTube’s most watched segments. Anyone, and we mean anyone can create beautiful tutorials in as little as 60 minutes using software that conveys key pieces of information to viewers.

Guidde makes instant how-to video tutorials available instantly for both customers and employees to watch. Guidde automatically highlights and call-outs which you can utilize in your workflows; use it for support requests, knowledge base articles, sharing knowledge with colleagues or introducing new features.

Edit and enhance your video using an interface familiar to anyone familiar with Powerpoint. Create videos right from your browser, and share them quickly – our typical creation time is three minutes or less. Find videos created by your team quickly by searching our library, sharing them across tools you use at will or recycling and reusing videos as necessary – plus make your own and edit them!

Guidde’s Key Features Customizability:

 Guidde gives users the power to craft visually appealing and brand-specific video guides with multiple options for customization, such as text, voiceovers, background images and steps that reflect their company identity.

AI Text-to-Voice

One of the standout features of Guidde is its AI text-to-voice feature, which enables users to transform text into voiceovers that sound natural and authentic across more than 100 accents and languages. This adds professional quality video guides while improving the overall user experience.

Instant Storyline Creation by GPT

 With this cutting-edge technology, Guidde automatically composes a narrative, outlining each step in your process. This AI-powered feature streamlines video creation process while helping users turn complex concepts into accessible and engaging video guides.

Pause, Delete, and Redo

Guidde addresses the difficulties associated with traditional video recording by offering users the ability to pause, delete and redo as part of its recording process. This ensures fewer retakes are necessary while providing for more seamless video recordings.

Customization and Branding

Guidde is an ultra-flexible video guide creator platform, offering users complete freedom when it comes to personalizing videos to fit perfectly into the brand’s communication style. From adding voiceovers, text, background images and step-by-step directions guidde provides numerous possibilities for customization.


Guidde’s custom features allow companies to design visually engaging and relevant videos that help build brand recognition across all of their content, providing better user experiences through personalized instructions or adding brand elements into guides. Every guide produced with Guidde will reflect the nature and character of its company.

Guidde’s video documentation software makes the task of documenting large projects much simpler with AI customized voiceovers, personalized narration and workflow-based recording solutions that provide fast video documentation of any size.

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