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How can we judge compatibility from Kundli matchmaking?

Many individuals are becoming more interested in astrology, horoscopes, and kundlis. The impact of planetary motion on human lives has been amply demonstrated.

Today, Kundli matches are the only factor in marriage. For Kundli matching, people who have never before sought the advice of an astrologer do so. An astrologer can describe the partners’ compatibility and potential problems in their future lives with Kundli matching.

Even those planning love marriages turn to astrologers for advice on how to be happy together and implement various stress-relieving measures. Free Kundli matching uses the person’s birth date, place of birth, and sex, and the results are based on their stars and planets’ positions.

The relationship that receives the most guns (positive points) is considered a good match since it allows the couple to live successfully and encounter fewer difficulties. We know such unions as “marriages made in heaven,” and they go hand in hand and complement each other.

The Kundli is matched using a variety of variables to determine how the future and planetary movements of the two people will interact. When kundlis don’t match, people frequently decide against getting married. While only some strongly believe in Kundli matches, those who do cannot abandon it if their results or match are unfavorable.

When matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom, there are two critical considerations.

1 – Whether or not the bride and groom are Mangliks?

2. The number of points (gunas) they receive, ranging from 18 to 36. These points are tied to 8 main points (gunas)

Based on points, the gunas are matched. There are eight guns in total, each with a different weight.

1. Varna – Caste compatibility

2. Vashya – Appeal

3. Tara – Either’s longevity 

4. Yoni – Nature and traits

5. Graha Maitri: A Friendship Born of Nature

6. Gan – Mental Compatibility 

7. Bhakoot – influence between the couple

8. Nadi – Possibility of childbirth

Each of these guns has a point value of 1 to 8, and their combined total is 36. Astrologers deem individuals with a score of 18 or higher to be compatible and give them the go-ahead for marriage.

Those who receive less than 18 points are advised against getting married since they experience several challenges in their daily lives and should instead look for a better match. Additionally, other approaches, or upayas, can be taken, as advised by astrologers, to lessen the impact of terrible things in their lives.

Following the matching of the bride and groom’s horoscopes, which reveals that the matched horoscopes contain 18 to 36 points (gunas) and have no Manglik Dosha or Manglik Dosha has been removed, the couple typically experiences problems such as dissatisfaction with one another, the possibility of one of them dying, not having children, and other difficulties. Instead of looking for answers when married, it is preferable to fit the horoscope precisely.

In Kundli matches, Manglik dosha also has a significant impact. Mangliks are frequently recommended to only marry fellow mangliks since their unfavorable stars balance each other out and make for happy marriages.

While matching gunas, a Manglik and non-Manglik match may score well, the chance of their marriage is very high. Only if the astrologer approves after a few upayas could marriage be considered.

The Navagraha birthday puja havan is a constructive and advantageous Chandi path since it boosts the benefic planets and expands their good impact. In the process of matching, numerous significant difficulties must be addressed.

The outcome of a couple’s life can be accurately predicted by perfect matchmaking. How well-adjusted will their marriage be? Do bears have children? What about luck, assets, and characteristics of each person can be reflected in the ideal pairing? The introductory study has concluded that the married pair will have a happy marriage.

If the groom and bride have the Ashwini nakshatra, they receive 28 points and one nari dosha, according to the panchang in Melapak Sarni. However, the Bible says that

  1. Aik Nakshatra Jatanam Nari Dosho Na Vidhyatai is number one. Meaning: Nari Dosha is not considered if the bride and groom share the same nakshatra. However, why are the 8 points being taken away?
  2. This yoga indicates that the son and grandson will be helpful to the family, much as the triangle (Navpancham) formed by the groom’s Rashi to the bride’s 5th house and the bride’s Rashi to the groom’s 9th house does.

However, in this triangle’s free panchang, the points have been removed (Navpancham). The report on the perfect match between the bride and groom must be examined after considering the myths and facts.

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