Kanat Sultanbekov On the Different Types of Protection Construction Workers Need on Job Sites

Construction projects are very demanding, and the workers’ risks of injuries and accidents are high. Managers and companies must ensure all workers on the site have the proper personal protective equipment to keep them safe for the whole tenure of the project. Safety training programs conducted by experts should be imparted to them to remain safe with their work and keep fatalities at bay, especially while they are working with heavy equipment and power tools.

Kanat Sultanbekov on the different types of protection workers need for their job

Kanat Sultanbekov is a skilled and experienced construction manager known for his impressive track record in completing projects on time with the highest safety standards. He is a proactive leader and effectively aligns strategic planning, risk assessments, and operational processes to make construction projects free from errors, even if the tasks are done for the first time.

According to him, construction companies and managers must ensure their workers are safe round-the-clock. Sites are loud and noisy, so they must have hearing protection when the levels of sound cannot be reduced. The list has been laid down under the OSHA regulations, and acceptable ear plugs or ear muffs must be used on the site. Plain cotton over the ears is not the solution to keep noise at bay on such sites.

Protection for the face and eyes

Workers are exposed to construction site hazards from particles that can fly into their faces or eyes, like vapors, chemical gases, caustic liquids, molten metal, and liquid chemicals. For those workers who need corrective lenses, their prescriptions must be followed when it comes to the design of their eye protection, or they should have eye protection that can fit over their prescription lenses.

Face masks and other safety goggles or glasses should be chosen based on the work hazard they are at risk. They must fit properly and comfortably to not interfere with the person’s movement or work. The eyewear worn on the site should be capable of being disinfected, cleaned, and durable for the worker while on the task.

Workers should be given the right filter lens for welding operations based on the job. If they are working with a laser, their safety goggles must have the right optical density based on their site wavelength.

Protecting the hands

Workers must have the right glove for the task as construction sites often pose risks to their hands, and in most cases, they land up injuring their hands first. Gloves must fit securely, covering the full fingers, and they must be comfortable to wear while working. As a manager, you do not want your workers to remove their gloves because they interfere with the task.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, there are different kinds of protective gloves for workers to wear on the site. Some examples are welding gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, heavy-duty gloves made from rubber, and gloves to protect workers from lacerations and cuts. Foot protection is another important factor to look into; workers should wear the appropriate shoes or boots for the job on site.

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