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Shopify Vs. Magento – 5 Key Differences Between Them

People around the world love to shop more on eCommerce sites rather than at offline stores. Thie evolution gave rise to the eCommerce sites, where brands started to sell products online through eCommerce sites and succeeded in growing their business. This also gave rise to the eCommerce site builder platforms through which anyone can build an eCommerce site.

Now, it is more advanced, where you can go choose a theme, select and customize the template with ease and get your job done. In this tough competition to choose the best eCommerce builder, the website designing company in Delhi has brought you the comparison of two best-in-class platforms, Shopify and Magento.

These platforms not only help you in building an easy eCommerce site, but you can develop an advanced functioning eCommerce site, it is the power of these eCommerce builders such as Shopify and Magento. So, let’s get started with the Shopify Vs. Magento which one you should go for.

Shopify Vs. Magento

Shopify is an extensive eCommerce builder, through Shopify you can sell products on multiple platforms such as sell on Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. Also, you get a wide range of responsive themes that makes it super easy to build a high-quality website. Along with these, enjoy the extensive range of apps to enhance the functionality of your site,

Magento is popular because the platform is flexible and has no barriers to designing the store until you know to code. The platform is suitable for medium and large-scale businesses, where you can handle the store completely by the technical team.

Ease of use:

Ease of use is what every user looks for because this helps to build the best by saving multiple things, such as time and resources.


Shopify is for all types of users, tech-savvy and users with little technical knowledge. However, the users find Shopify super easy to use. A user-friendly interface is one of the reasons to improve the experience and make it easy.


Magento is quite difficult compared to Shopify for non-technical users, while tech-savvy people will found equally easy to use.

Here, clearly, Shopify has the upper hand for a wide range of users—using Shopify you can non-technical build a quality eCommerce site.

Themes & its pricing:


Shopify has a wide range of responsive themes that can be easily customized based on the brand or products. Along with that, these themes are responsive, which completely suits the mobile version of the store.  However, Shopify offers nearly 10 free themes and the rest are a premium range of themes costing around $140 to $180.


Magento gives you the liberty of complete customization, where you can build the theme from scratch using programming languages. It also offers ready-made templates, which you can use with ease. The ready-made themes are comparatively cheaper than the custom themes. But, these custom themes are suitable for large-scale businesses.

So, the web design company Delhi founds Shopify to be quite suitable, when it comes to options and making use of ready-made templates.

Apps & Extensions:

Themes help you with the look and feel of the online store, for quality features and improved functionality, the platform needs to have abundant extensions. So, every platform offers extensions along with an app store.


Shopify offers 4200+ paid and free apps, which enhance your eCommerce site functionality. This gives more options for the users to choose the best for their eCommerce site to boost sales. Also, Shopify has the option to integrate your email marketing channel, such as MailChimp. This helps you to ease and manage all the tasks in one place.


Magento offers nearly 3600+ extensions that add to your eCommerce functionality. These extensions are comprehensive and can be used for different purposes with ease.


Security is the most important thing and it can’t be overlooked. So, the website designing company in Delhi brought you the security that Shopify and Magento provide as a platform for your online store.


Shopify gives you varied security systems, such as Fraud Analysis, SSL certificate for every Shopify site, and GDPR and PCL compliant.


On the other hand, Magento gives you a flexible security solution, where you can improve the security of the store on your own. Else, you can install the Magento extensions for the same.

Customer Support:

The users need to get their hurdles cleared quickly. For this, the customer support should be quite good and supportive. But what lies with Shopify and Magento? Let’s see…


Emails, chat, and phone, Shopify got you covered! Through any of the mediums, you can get your query resolved anytime. A team is available 24*7 at your service. This elevates your experience as a user.


Magento doesn’t offer support along the way until you register for the Magento Commerce Cloud plan.

Final Verdict:

The website designing company in Delhi feels that Shopify stands out in different aspects compared to Magento. You can go for Shopify, if you are handling a small or medium business, even a large business can go for it. Shopify offers the best customer service and ease of building an eCommerce site. Overall, it stands out.

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