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As we know, bloggers are emerging from different parts of the world, and blogging as we know has become a trend that is taking over the world; more and more people are choosing to become bloggers as it has plenty of advantages. Pakistan is not behind in this trend either; many bloggers are popping up in Pakistan.

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He is a Pakistani blogger known for his blog Beginner; he has since been featured in many online portals, for example, Yahoo, Huffington post, and more.


He started his blogging career back in 2008 and since then has become a pioneer for blogging in Pakistan; he currently has five employees working for him, he runs three blogs and is best known for MyBloggertricks.com, which is an excellent place for every new blogger to go through as his blogs offer help.


Shahzaib is a blogger famous for his blog ShazzSeo where he provides articles on search engine optimization and freelance situation. He started blogging back in 2009 and has developed a few projects that teach the upcoming younger generation about the online money game.

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Taimur Asad is famous for his blog called Redmondpie.com, a blog about technology, news, and reviews. This blogger earns up to 20 thousand dollars per month.


Amir atta runs a blog by Propakistani.com, which is basically about technology and telecom news; his blog also includes business news, sports, and lifestyle-related topics. His content is beneficial, which is one of the reasons it is doing so well; the content is powerful and exciting and keeps the leaders intact.


He is on the list of top ten bloggers working in Pakistan and is the founder of SearchOye.com and Kayi digital.


Ali Raza is a famous blogger from Lahore, and his blog is Aliraza. Co cover topics such as online marketing, search engine optimization, and online business. Ali Raza has been certified by both Google and Microsoft. You may also like to learn about this technology blog.


Abdul Wali runs a blog called Onlineustaad.com, which publishes many videos, articles, and tutorials for academics and connects Pakistani students to the best instructors from around the globe. This blog is trendy, especially amongst the younger people, precisely the students; his blog caters to primary students.


He is a Pakistani blogger who runs his blog called Freakify.com, which focuses on WordPress solutions. His income mostly comes from paid services and plugins.


Shehab is a female blogger; she runs a blog called Snobbishfashions.com, a fashion blog that caters to the urban/elite. The blog focuses on style and other fashion elements. This is a kind of blog that does attract a wide range of audiences. Even if some people cannot afford they still like to consume the blog as fashion attracts many. So this is an intelligent Niche to choose from.


Mohsin Ali Waheed is a blogger who runs his blog called AskMohsin.com, where he writes about ways to earn money through online businesses. As we all know, mostly everything is going digital these days, and businesses that are working online are very successful, so it makes sense that most people want to do this; that’s why Mohsin Ali has a broad range audience as most people want to learn how to start their online business. His blog has been very successful.


Muhammad Ismail runs his blog Diaryinc.com, and his blog primarily focuses on product reviews, technology, smartphones, and games. He ranks number eight in the list of top ten bloggers in Pakistan.


Luqman Khan is a blogger from Quetta, and his blog primarily focuses on self-confidence and finding a purpose in life; his blog link is Luqmankhan.com.


Fatima is a blogger from Islamabad, and she mainly talks about tips and tricks related to Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.


A few bloggers from Pakistan have been doing well in Pakistan and have achieved many milestones over time. Bloggers worldwide are indeed achieving wonders, and it is so great that people from different fields in Pakistan are also joining this bandwagon and are doing so well. It makes us proud that Pakistan has been producing good bloggers.

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