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Ronald Phillips New York Family Law Tips – 4 Things You Should Do Before Filing your Divorce Case

Divorce is a very sensitive and painful process to go through, and it is also a little complicated when it comes to handling it through the court as a family lawsuit. So, here are a few tips from an expert to prepare yourself well before planning to initiate a divorce procedure.

Ronald Phillips helps with the preparation before divorce case filing

Ronald Phillips New York is a law specialist skilled in collaborative legal practices, domestic relations, dispute resolution, trial practice, and legal writing. He is a strong entrepreneur with professional graduation from the St. John’s University School of Law. Here are some tips by Ronald for those who are preparing or expecting to file a divorce case.

  1. Organize the documents

The more prepared you are for divorce in advance, the more time and money can be saved. If you have everything in a mess while sharing with your attorney, it will take a lot of time and effort for them to organize things and start with filing a case. So, it is important to gather all related documents in advance if you are planning for a divorce case. To settle the financial things related to a divorce, get all your previous tax returns, check registers, bank statements, investment details, employee benefits statements, life insurance, mortgage and liability documents, credit card statements, social security documents, automobile documents, etc. Make copies and file all this information as hard copies or soft copies to be instantly shared with the lawyer.

  • Focus on children related matters

You must focus on the matter of your children, also if any, by trying to reduce the adverse impact of your divorce on them. You may have to plan the divided parenting time with the partner and make the kids aware and prepare for it. Make sure that your children do not become a part of the battle or compel them to take sides. Remember that separation of parents can be an emotional trauma for your kids if you do not handle it well.

  • Ensure financial resources are reserved for at least three months

Ensure that you keep a reserve of sufficient funds for at least three months’ survival if you are with limited access to the financial resources. It is noted that the life of spouses with limited resources become so spiteful when a divorce lawsuit starts. Even though you can find financial support through your attorney, it may take some time to settle.

  • Find the best legal representation

The legal person you find should not be one who tries to cut corners. Make sure that your attorney has all the needed skills and a professional reputation for representing you well through the divorce proceedings. Divorce can be a traumatic experience, and it will really be a tough time to go through. Only a professional and caring legal professional can support you to get through this troublesome phase well. However, you may not expect an empathetical or psychologically supporting approach from a legal professional as it is not their primary job. However, you can be rest assured if you get a certified family law specialist to represent you in the court.

Ronald Phillips New York comments that finding a good attorney can be half done in terms of ensuring the best legal support. You must be well prepared before seeking legal support in order to get things done promptly and painlessly.

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