Finishing For the Purple Shorts Quest

One of the most mind-blowing ways of making Stardew Valley considerably more intriguing is by finishing different journeys. Nonetheless, there are some that are somewhat more confounded than others. For instance, with regards to the purple shorts journey, players will more often than not run into certain issues tracking down their area.

Thus, in the event that you end up inquiring, “where do I track down the purple shorts in Stardew Valley” and “how might I at any point manage the purple shorts”, continue to peruse and you’ll find every one of the responses you want.

Where Could Lewis’ Purple Shorts In Stardew Valley be?

How about we get the primary area straight. The purple shorts are in Marnie’s room. Nonetheless, it isn’t so natural to arrive in the event that you’re not old buddies with her yet. To track down her ranch, essentially head over toward the upper east area of Cindersap Forest.

Instructions to Befriend Marnie

Presently, we should discuss how you can get sufficiently close to her room. Indeed, you’ll have to get to know Marnie (until you have 2 hearts), and one of the ways is just by giving her gifts. This could take some time, however it’s certainly worth the effort if you have any desire to complete this mission.

When Marnie gives you access to her room, you can essentially get the shorts and accept your honor. In any case, if you need to completely partake in the games, there are a couple of extra things you can do with the shorts.

Stardew Valley Purple Shorts Uses

Did you had at least some idea that the purple shorts have various purposes and insider facts? This is how you can manage them in the game:

Stardew Valley Fair

Assuming that you head over to the fair, you can really get some star tokens. To get 750 star tokens, simply place the purple shorts in the grange show, and Mayor Lewis will give you those tokens to stay quiet about this.

Luau Festival

On the off chance that you’re intending to go to the Luau celebration, remember to carry the Stardew Valley purple shorts with you! One of the primary parts of Luau is the potluck soup, where you can add fixings. When the Governor tastes the soup, the celebration will end.

If you have any desire to work on your relationship with the locals, you should add such things as apples or red cabbage to the soup, yet you can likewise pick an alternate course for more secret. If you have any desire to accomplish the mysterious reaction from the Governor, simply add Lewis’ purple shorts to the Luau soup.

Managed Lucky Purple Shorts

On the off chance that you’re searching for considerably more fun activities with the shorts, then what about some fitting? Likewise, to get yourself a few Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts, then, at that point, fitting them with a gold bar will do that for you! To get a few intriguing responses from Marnie and Lewis, just put them on and appreciate.

Instructions to get the shorts:

1. Track down Marnie’s farm on the upper east area of Cindersap Forest

2. Become a close acquaintence with Marnie by giving her gifts

3. Track down the shorts in her room

Extra uses: 

1. Place them in the grange show at the Fair to get 750 star tokens

2. Add them to the soup at the Luau celebration

3. Trim them to get a few Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts

Presently you have all the data you want to track down Lewis’ purple shorts and partake in the game without limit! This missions can further develop the gaming experience, so remember to complete them all.

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