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Mask of The Revenant

Beginning the journey

When a Tenno has arrived at Observer rank with the Quills, Nakao will discuss another cover whenever drew nearer, and will have a discourse choice to ask further.

Nakao (subtitled): “Swazdo-lah, Tenno! Kiruna metal! Today, an extremely exceptional cover has come into my ownership. Amazing, maybe even… otherworldly! It’s… it’s… eh, uh, no difference either way.”

Tenno discourse choice: “Veil?”

Nakao: “Deals! I truly love it. [pause] Look, frankly – Nikko made this veil, and it’s somewhat of a downer piece. He set a few odd eyes in it, said: “The Unum picks!” Ai you. ‘Unum picks’ is short for bad dreams and a wild Gobi chase. Entertaining, correct? Tower soul picking me… and I can’t handle levels! I feel that makes me counterfeit Osteon? Tower work was more my cousin Mocha’s calling; he’s brave — uh, was valiant. Well… purchase the cover, Tenno! Or on the other hand don’t; dependent upon you.”

In the wake of making sense of the veil’s starting point, Nakao will make the Mask of the Lost One available for purchase in her shop for 1 Cetus wisp. The Tenno should purchase the cover and prepare it on their Operator. The cover is depicted accordingly: “Worked to the Unum’s particulars, and fitted with kaleidoscopic focal points provided by the Quill Nikko.”

(in the wake of buying the veil and leaving discourse) Nakao: “Fantastic. Nikko’s note here says: ‘Wear the cover when the moon radiates brilliantly… upon the spooky Plains of Eidolon.’ You could do that. Or on the other hand you could go home for the day, throw that veil into the lake. ‘Gracious! Sorry Nikko, we lost it!'”

As a small mission, Mask of the Revenant won’t appear in the World State Window as dynamic, nor are there UI prompts. The player should decide how to continue in view of exchange prompts.

First Mission: A New Threat Looms (Plains of Eidolon, Earth)

The Tenno should enter the Plains of Eidolon around evening time while their Operator is outfitted with the Mask of the Lost One.

Nakao: “Okay. Fine, Tenno. In any case, in the event that I begin seeing Unum things… it’s on you!”

There is a white region objective on the western shore of Gera Tooth Lake. A huge, ghastly, flying Sentient, like the Ropalolyst, will be noticeable floating over the Eidolon Shrine on the lake. After entering the objective region, the otherworldly Sentient will vanish into the water.

(after Transferring out in the objective region) Nakao: “Chut! Is it working? Man-made intelligence yooooo, it is working. No escaping this presently, is there?”

On the bank will be a light green fix of gleaming light on the ground, with a spooky arm connecting of it to grasp at the air.

(after recognizing the fix of light) Nakao: “What is that? Some Eidolon? No. Stand by. Some way or another, it’s not. I can’t completely accept that I’m saying this however… could you at any point draw a nearer look?”

Contacting the fix of light by associating with it will make it vanish. The “A New Threat Looms” section will be filtered into the Codex, and Nakao will get an old memory from the Unum.

(after contacting the fix of light) Nakao: “For what reason do I recollect this? The land here, killing hot, brimming with abnormality. This is where Gera vanquished the Sentient! Where its pith fell into the ground, caught in some unworldly between. It needed out. At moonrise its spooky ringlets would arise, looking for structure, looking for… return. What’s more, this… this was the superintendent… a war frame. I can see it, similar to a fantasy rehashing…. The ring arising, a large number of evenings, and the superintendent, many evenings, chopping it down… until the superintendent himself was lost. How?”

(On the off chance that the Tenno doesn’t have a Revenant part) Nakao: “Khan Ung. The Unum is in my mind…. She orders you to look for the bits of the lost one… and remake it. What? Like I possess energy for this… I have a variety of things to take care of! Artificial intelligence you…. Nikko said Grinder Command was amped up for certain relics they’d uncovered. Perhaps you ought to converse with Kanzu?”

On the off chance that the Tenno has a Revenant part in their stock, Nakao will promptly go on with the following goal. On the off chance that the Tenno has at least two Revenant parts, the whole journey can be finished during a solitary mission. In the event that not, the Tenno might get back to Cetus to acquire Revenant parts.

Nakao (subtitled): “Look hub, Tenno! The Unum calls for you to take the lost one back to us, piece by piece. Be that as it may, how? Have you addressed Kanzu at this point?”

Kanzu won’t have Revenant-related discourse, yet plans for Revenant parts (case, frameworks, neurotics) will be presented on his abundance board as remunerations for third-, fourth-, and fifth-level bounties. The Tenno should finish bounties until they have gotten a plan, and build it in the Foundry. Whenever they have asserted it, they might continue by entering the Plains around evening time once more, wearing the cover.

Second Mission: A Terror Long Forgotten (Plains of Eidolon, Earth)

The Tenno should enter the Plains of Eidolon around evening time while their Operator is furnished with the Mask of the Lost One.

Nakao: “The lost one’s soul calls for help! We can’t simply leave him… any place he is. Could it be said that you are prepared, Tenno?”

The region objective is presently on the east side of Gera Tooth Lake, with one more fix of energy on the lake shore. The flying Sentient will again show up briefly after seeing the objective region.

(after detecting the fix of light) Nakao: “Khan Ung! Do you see? The lost one battling… what has been going on with him?”

Contacting the fix of light will filter the “A Terror Long Forgotten” section into the Codex.

(after contacting the fix of light) Nakao: “Ugh… just business as usual. I recollect…. The pool sparkles, the ringlet arises… and this war frame attracts its weapon to annihilate once more… pause… no. He doesn’t strike this time, he watches. Why? The ghost ringlet grasps trees and shakes, examining for substance… then, at that point, dread returns and the lost one cuts the apparition, sending it back to its limbo….”

Nakao: “For what reason is the Unum doing this to me? Due to Mocha? Since I was too reluctant to even consider remaining? Assuming I’d been there, he could not have possibly been so… fearless… so dumb. What was he thinking? The sooner you construct this war frame, the sooner the Unum’s somewhere far away from me.”

As in the past, the Tenno should acquire one more Revenant part to continue.

Third Mission: The Lost One (Plains of Eidolon, Earth)

The Tenno must again enter the Plains of Eidolon around evening time while their Operator is furnished with the Mask of the Lost One.

Nakao: “I… I want to realize what has been going on with the lost one. Find where he shouts to us. Tell me when you… when you’re there.”

This time, the region objective is on the stream as it streams from Drenthe Spring down towards the lake, with the fix of light on the eastern bank. The flying Sentient will show up, drifting low, near the water, prior to vanishing.

(after detecting the fix of light) Nakao: “There! Could it be any more obvious? He’s farther… attempting to get away… could you at any point help?”

Contacting the fix of light will examine the part “The Lost One” into the Codex.

(after contacting the fix of light) Nakao: “I see… the ringlet by and by. Rather than striking it… the lost one… he stretches out a hand to the Eidolon?! Khan Ung! What was he thinking? He resembles Mocha on the pinnacle. Consistently, Mocha clamored across the pinnacle edges and platforms – nothing occurred, every day of the week…. Routine removed his apprehension. OH… Tenno… I see the ring has him now. The lost one. He’s turned into an anchor for the Eidolon – to maneuver itself onto our reality! The lost one battles, pulling back, yet at the same it’s past the point of no return! The Eidolon starts to arise. However, the lost one understands – he stops… he gives up… thus he falls. Tumbles from this universe of the living and down, down, down into the following. Mocha, that was so dumb.”

After Nakao has wrapped up portraying the memory, a ghastly Revenant war frame will show up and start going after the Tenno, utilizing Revenant’s capacities and a Phantasmal shotgun.

Nakao: “Khan Ung! It’s going after! Hang tight, this isn’t some caught war frame soul! He’s turned into a veil for some Eidolon! We can’t allow it to reconstruct itself! Tenno, you really want to obliterate it!”

Nakao: “The Eidolon’s viciousness is inside him, Tenno! Project it out! Free him!”

After obliterating the Revenant phantom, the Tenno will get a plan for the Revenant war frame.

(after obliterating the apparition) Nakao: “Thank the Unum. You’ve driven out the Eidolon… however what’s left, I wonder?”

Nakao: “Mocha, the superintendent… they lost their apprehension. However, I have bounty… and… I’m still here. Is that why the Unum picked me for this? Gratitude for the bad dreams! Happy that is finished. In the event that you really want me, I’ll be under Nana’s sweeping with a flagon of hot chimer. Perhaps I’ll consume some incense, for Mocha. Yakow, deals isn’t all that terrible all things considered. Everybody needs a cover, right?”

A short time later, in the event that the Tenno gets the last part of the Revenant war frame (just two are required for the journey) and develops it, Nakao will address the Tenno again when they guarantee Revenant from the Foundry.

Nakao: “By the Unum, you’ve done it! The lost one is renewed, made Revenant. A war frame, mixed with the powers of an Eidolon! That is a frightening idea, right? In any case, I stress, it’s a power we’ll before long need. I had a fantasy. A new thing, mixing inside the ground. Looking for a body to consider its own, yearning to strike the individuals who sent it to the grave…. Assuming that you want me, I’ll be in at my shop, surah.”

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