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Make space suits won’t travel

The Outer Worlds Spacer Gear is a journey thing for the Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel mission. For the unenlightened, you’ll have the option to get it from Celeste Jolicoeur in Byzantium’s Prosperity Plaza. You’ll be given a Chimera set of unique reinforcement because of aiding her.

 For this mission, you will have to get her the accompanying materials:

  • Maverick stuff
  • Pirate gear
  • Spacer gear
  • Base Leather
  • Mantiqueen Chitin
  • Raptidon Flank Hide
  • Redone Lapel

The Outer Worlds Spacer Gear Guide – Where to Find Spacer Gear

To find the Spacer Gear that Celeste needs, you must prepare two pieces of Spacer reinforcement: headgear, and body defensive layer. Instances of Spacer shield incorporates things like Water Resistant Wear, Street Wear, and the Enclosed Padded Helm.

Assuming you’re pondering where to get gear like that, it will not be excessively hard. You can really buy it from a couple of spots, and you ought to have enough on you by this direct in the game toward sprinkle out. We’re talking the merchants in these two places explicitly:

  • Fallbrook
  • Groundbreaker

In the event that you can’t exactly recognize the Spacer stuff or you think you’ve detected some yet it isn’t named any of the varieties that we’ve referenced above, then, at that point, you’re in good company. Check out you, basically. Assuming the outfits in the store look like that, and have “spacer” in their thing portrayal, then, at that point, you’re doing great.

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