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A homestead isn’t a ranch without chickens however where do you put them all? In a chicken coop obviously! Coops can be developed essentially from the start of the game. To fabricate one you’ll have to visit Robin in the Carpenter’s Shop. You can track down her there from somewhere in the range of 9am and 5pm most days of the week. To develop a coop you’ll require:

4,000 Gold

300 Wood

100 Stone

You will not have the option to secure the vital assets right from the start or even the main week yet inside the principal two or three months you ought to have your own special chicken coop prepared for your chickens.


Chickens are a fundamental piece of homestead life and can be bought for 800 Gold each from Marnie at Marnie’s Ranch. She’s found south of your homestead. You will not have the choice to purchase chickens until you have a chicken coop prepared for them.

Chickens will get going as little chicks and will require seven days to develop into grown-ups. Whenever they have developed they will lay eggs and enormous eggs for you which can be sold discount and utilized in gifts and recipes.

Really focusing on your Chickens

Chickens won’t lay eggs for you except if they’re blissful. The main thing they need is food. This is similarly pretty much as fundamental as watering your yields and something you should do consistently.

You can either take care of the chickens yourself or allow them to meander around and feed without help from anyone else during the day. To take care of your chickens place some roughage in their box. They’ll eat it over the course of the evening. Roughage can either be bought from Marnie of collected from tall grass by utilizing a sickle.

If you have any desire to allow your chickens to find nourishment for themselves open the entryway at the front of the coop so the chickens can get out. They’ll chase around after food and return to the coop around evening time.

One more method for keeping your chickens blissful, and laying eggs, is to give them some love. Right snap on a chicken to pat it. On the off chance that you see a heart you’ve been fruitful. Regardless of how much warmth you give them generally make sure to take care of them if you have any desire to keep them laying eggs.

Kinds of Coops

There are three unique kinds of chicken coops you can purchase during the game. I’ve previously made sense of the main sort of coop for your chickens. This can be moved up to the Big Coop and later on to the Deluxe Coop. Huge Coops open the acquisition of ducks (which lay Duck Eggs) and can house up to 8 creatures. the Deluxe Coop is more costly yet can house up to 12 creatures. It likewise opens the buying of bunnies which you can use for Wool.

Large Coop:

10,000 gold

400 Wood

150 Stone

Special Coop:

20,000 Gold

500 Wood

200 Stone

Different Kinds of Eggs

In Stardew Valley you’ll have the option to track down two different sorts of eggs. The first is the Void Egg. When you have a Big Coop a witch will go along and abandon a Void Egg. In the event that you brood it a Void Chicken will bring forth who will lay more Void Eggs. These are worth a considerable amount of cash and are likewise a decent gift to provide for Sebastian.

While mining there is a little opportunity that you’ll go over a Dinosaur Egg. Brood the egg to incubate a Dinosaur! Dinosaurs, once developed, will likewise lay more Dinosaur Eggs.

Getting through the Winter

Winter can be a difficult stretch for your creatures so you want to get ready ahead of time. Ensure you have a lot of roughage prepared for when Winter really does at last show up so you can keep taking care of your creatures. During the hotter seasons have your chickens eat grass rather than feed. That way you can save your feed for when you truly need it. Assuming you get frantic you can purchase additional feed from Marnie yet it’s costly.

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