Visit All Expedition Outposts

A portion of the current week’s Fortnight challenges are more troublesome than others, however fortunately the current week’s area based objective is easy by any means. “Visit all Expedition Outposts” is a silver level test that expects you to do precisely exact thing it says, simply visit every one of the Fortnight guide’s enormous red tents and the test will be finished.

In the event that you don’t know precisely where those tents are here’s a helpful guide with each of the seven areas.

The huge red tents are not difficult to detect against the scene around it implying that you will not need to do any convoluted looking. The best part is that each of these should be possible right off of the Battle Bus. You should simply arrive on top of the tent and the test will allow you credit, making one-per-match a simple objective to accomplish.

Because of how fanned out every station is from the others, there’s not an extraordinary method for visiting a few tents in a single game on the off chance that you’re simply strolling. The most obvious opportunity for finishing various is to trust that the station you arrived at first has a X-4 plane and assuming it does, bounce in and fly to the following goal. In the event that you really do luck out to the point of catching a plane — and get a decent circle obviously — you could likely get practically these in one go, finishing this challenge at the same time.

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