Why do we require a TP Link Extender at present?

What exactly is a TP-Link Extender?

Being manufactured by TP-Link, an American company, TP-Link Extender happens to be a Wi-Fi Extender. Its primary purpose will be to extend the range and strength of your Wi-Fi. At present, we make use of these devices extensively in schools, offices, warehouses, factories, shops, and so forth for maximizing the speed of the Internet.

What is the need for a TP-Link Extender?

Once you receive a Wi-Fi or Internet connection, a router will be installed by your Internet provider connecting all the gadgets with the Internet. Consequently, the router is going to function as a hub providing secure Internet all through your residence by means of Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Here, we like to mention that Ethernet happens to be a wire ensuring optimum speed without any sort of obstacles. On the contrary, Wi-Fi is a signal.

It must be known to you that signals are actually waves that propagate through various mediums. By theory, it is imperative for them to connect to an extensive range of gadgets. However, waves carry energy that starts degrading as we shift from the source.

A Wi-Fi network featuring a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz has an effective range of 300 ft. Put simply a strong Wi-Fi signal within a radius of 300 ft. will be available to you in case a router is placed by you in the center of the field. These will absorb waves inside your residence that has got walls, furniture, doors, and so on. In this way, their energy will be reduced by 50% in the long run. For this reason, there will a variation in the speed of your Wi-Fi within your residence. It will not be tough for you to perform a TPLink Extender setup which is not a difficult task by any means.

For this reason, you need a TP-Link Extender at present for solving your problem. It will assist in amplifying your Wi-Fi connection to the original bandwidth as before. This will help it to increase its range such that you receive a powerful Wi-Fi connection in the long run.

Different types of TP-Link extenders

Although the primary task of a TP Extender will be to strengthen a Wi-Fi signal, different types of extenders will be available right now.

1. Wi-Fi extender

This happens to be a device amplifying the Wi-Fi signal by making use of backhaul. This technique helps to carry the signal physically from one site to the other. The backhaul signal will be transmitted to and fro while making sure that there is no loss of energy. This technique will allow a Wi-Fi extender after you have done the TP Link setup to extend the strength and range of the signal while functioning as a clone.

2. Wi-Fi repeater

As implied by its name, the job of a Wi-Fi repeater will be to clone or repeat the signal of your router. Being a compact device having a wireless antenna, it helps to connect the router for rebroadcasting its signal. However, the Repeater is going to clone it in the long run. This implies that any available gadget in the local area is going to connect to the Repeater rather than the router.

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